5 ways to declutter your home and mind

savvy husband and wife team owen and corné from boutique interior design business o&co. give you a step-by-step guide on how to refresh your home.

five questions with Arianne Jones

Arianne, an Olympic athlete, has learnt about the importance of rest the hard way. Breaking her back in 2016, then contracting Lyme’s disease in 2018, Arianne has had to hit the pause button on her usually active life.

five questions with melanie barnes

what would happen if we lived our lives at a slower pace? if we occasionally paused for a thought? if we simplified our lifestyles, and created space for moments of stillness?

five questions with Brogan from Pecha Kucha

at mahabis we believe in time well spent, so naturally presentations that drag on don’t really float our boat.wWhich is why Pecha Kucha’s 20x20 presentation format interests us so much.