five questions with the founders of Trip Drinks

makers of a CBD infused drink crafted in the UK


we’re all working out how to find calm amidst the everyday chaos that’s been thrust upon us. 

and one product that’s currently being discussed amongst my friends is CBD (or cannabidiol) and it’s anti-anxiety benefits (seeing as a decompressing glass of wine at a bar is now off the table).

while researching this product I discovered TRIP drinks, a CBD infused drinks company based here in the UK. so I got in touch to find out about this non-psychoactive compound, and how this cool new company came about - at exactly the right time.


your drinks are CBD infused, which may leave some people CBD confused. what are the most common misconceptions about CBD? And what’s the truth about the product?

So true! People are often wary of CBD if they’ve had mixed experiences with cannabis/THC, for which we have to remind them this is a completely different product. 

Others assume CBD’s not for them as they’re not stressed, but we explain to these people that CBD can support the body achieving balance (or homeostasis), so whether it’s to treat a targeted issue (like anxiety) or for everyday wellness, taking a daily dose of CBD (together with the ginseng, turmeric and more in TRIP) can have great benefits. especially at a time like this. 


CBD does not create drowsiness or make you sleepy - it can reduce anxious thoughts which can in turn help you feel more calm, and able to fall asleep.


QUESTION TWO  what drove you to quit your day jobs and create an accessible way for people to consume CBD?

We discovered CBD as my now husband and co-founder Daniel had an accident while playing Sunday football. Having torn his ACL he had to have knee surgery 7 weeks before our wedding and was warned he wouldn’t be able to make it down the aisle… I wasn’t too happy! 

We were looking for products that could help with his recovery and were recommended CBD by some New York based friends.

Dan saw really impressive recovery results and was walking and dancing all weekend long - we were amazed! I started using CBD oils for anxiety that would flare up when I was working as a lawyer.

So we dove into the research on the cannabis plant and decided to leave our jobs in finance and law to create a CBD product that would fit our lifestyles and not look out of place on my work desk or at my favourite brunch spot. 


QUESTION THREE on top of a can of TRIP, what’s your recipe or advice for a less stressed and more relaxed day?
The idea behind TRIP is marking the moments, taking time to reset and reclaim your time. We love the idea of creating rituals for yourself to feel less stressed.

For us, that’s taking time out over a lunch break or afternoon coffee, to get away from our screens and refocus.

Whenever I’m able to get an exercise session in, the endorphin rush is transformational for the rest of my day - helping me feel more alert and positive about the tasks ahead.


QUESTION FOUR your product is about finding calm, clarity, and balance. Do you instil these principles in your company too?

Yes definitely! Our mission is to help people feel great, appreciating whatever that actually means for them.

Coming from strict corporate environments ourselves, it was very important for Dan and I to create an environment that lives and breathes our principles, ensuring higher happiness, and higher productivity for our team!

We have flexible working, mornings out of the office together visiting new stockists, brisk walk to chat about our goals for the year (all before coronavirus, of course).  All things that let us refocus, reset and find our calm.


QUESTION FIVE growing a business as a couple is incredible, but how do you switch off being in work mode at the end of the day?

To wind down and help switch off, a softening for the senses really helps to signal the end of the work day. Putting on something comfortably soft, lighting a few favourite candles, putting one of our playlists on the speakers and getting away from screen glare is the go to formula for Dan and me.





5 bonus quickfire questions 

1. The most common question you get asked about CBD/TRIP? 

“won’t it get me high?” The answer is no, but a lot of people get confused between CBD and THC at the moment.


2. One type of person who would really benefit from TRIP, but would never think to drink it?

Millennials are very familiar with the concept of stress, whereas my parents’ friends often seem under a lot of pressure but may not identify as anxious. 


For older friends too, CBD can be great for reducing inflammation and aches, so we’re really encouraging everyone to give it a go.


3. A TRIP flavour you’d love to create? 

We’re dreaming about Mediterranean sunshine a lot these damp days and keep thinking of a frozen limonata - watch this space! 


4. If you could get one celebrity endorser for TRIP, who would it be? 

Gosh, too tricky! 


5. Favourite way to spend your downtime in London?

We usually love to host at ours over a shared meal – something easy and indulgent, like a raclette or an evening of homemade margaritas. But actually, we're finding it quite nice to spend our evenings in at the moment. 






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