With the comfort of a slipper, the support of a trainer and a sole made for short trips outside, our footwear adapts to your lifestyle and helps you transition through your day with ease.

why comfort is so important to your day

We believe comfort has a far-reaching impact, influencing your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Our mission is to deliver unparalleled, seamless comfort at home that elevates not only your downtime but also aids in recovery, and enhances creativity, focus and productivity.

innovating for comfort

To achieve unparalled comfort, we meticulously craft mahabis with the latest footwear innovations, the finest materials and beautiful, creative designs.

The differences between mahabis slippers

We have a range of different slipper styles to choose from. Use the table below to compare the different styles in our core range and find your perfect match.

The curve a more sustainable and premium step-up from the classic.

The classic our original fixed-sole slipper.

The mule like the curve, but made to slide on.
The breathe our lightweight summer slipper for the warmer months.

The dreamer premium suede sandal with EnergyFlow™ sole


mahabis morzine

  • Brushed leather upper
  • Shoft searling lining
  • Classic TPU sole

mahabis meribel

  • Shearling upper
  • Premium shearling lining
  • Classic TPU sole

mahabis aurora

  • Soft quilted upper
  • Wadding insulation
  • Curved rubber sole

mahabis verbier

  • Flexi suede upper
  • Soft shearling lining
  • Classic TPU sole

Our most commonly asked question:

What is the difference between the curve and the classic?