The differences between mahabis slippers

We have five different slipper styles to choose from.
Use the table below to compare the different styles and find your perfect slipper.

The curve a more sustainable and premium step-up from the classic.

The classic our original fixed-sole slipper.

The alto our boot version of the curve with enhanced footbed and added arch support.
The mule like the curve, but made to slide on.
The breathe our lightweight summer slipper for the warmer months.


*Please note the following special editions cannot be machine washed:

curve shearling, mule pony, curve disco, curve gilded, curve alcantara.

These can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth.


Curve editions are not included in the table,

and are made with different upper materials.


Our most commonly asked question:

What is the difference between the curve and the classic?