sizing chart

unlike ordinary slippers which may be generically sized in small, medium and large, mahabis slippers and soles are sized from EU 36-46. it is important to note that mahabis deliberately have a relaxed fit, so sizing is marginally less of a concern than more formal shoes. the table below can be used as an indication of which size to choose:
EuroUK Women'sUK MensUS WomensUS MensFoot Length (cm)
363-5.5/6-22.4 - 23.0
374-6.5/7-23.0 - 23.7
385-7.5/8-23.7 - 24.3
396-8.5/9-24.3 - 25.0
40769.5/10725.0 - 25.6
418710.5/11825.6 - 26.3
42-8-926.3 - 26.9
43-9-1026.9 - 27.6
44-10-1127.6 - 28.2
45-11-1228.2 - 28.9
46-12-1328.9 - 29.5
* for US women's sizes we recommend sizing down, rather than up, for a snugger fit

how to measure your foot length

1) Place a piece of A4/letter paper on the floor with the short end against a wall.
2) Stand on the paper with your heel tight against the wall.
3) Using a pen/pencil, mark the maximum length of your toe on the paper.
4) Using a tape measure, measure the length from the pen/pencil mark to the end of the paper, this is your heel to toe length.
5) Compare the length to the foot length column in the size guide to find your suggested size.
6) make a note of the longest length you measured.
7) compare this to the foot length column in the size guide to find the suggested size.