What happened to the detachable sole?


Our original slipper design featured detachable soles that clipped on and off. After extensive research we found that many customers wanted to wear their mahabis further, and for longer, so we upgraded the sole in 2018 to meet these needs.


All mahabis now have a new sneaker-like sole that is fixed to the slipper. Not only is the new design more durable, this upgrade allowed us to re-engineer the shape of the upper, giving you an even more comfortable, ergonomic and practical slipper.


We’re always working on new designs and innovations to bring you the most comfortable slippers.  On top of that we’re always listening to what our customers have to say. So if you have feedback about any of our products, we’re all ears.


Can I get replacement soles?


As of 2018 the original design (featuring detachable soles) is no longer available and we're afraid we're now sold out of the detachable soles and won't be restocking.

We’re sorry for any disappointment this may cause.  

How do I attach the soles?

If you own a pair of mahabis slippers with detachable soles, you can attach them simply using the popper fastening at the heel. We suggest slipping the front of the slipper into the curved edge of the sole first, before clipping them at the back.