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The Best Summer Sandals

Elevate your sunny days with our high-tech summer dreamer sandals featuring the innovative EnergyFlow™ sole and eco-friendly suede upper. 

an interview with
Lana Elie

This international womens day, we reached out to the founder of Floom, Lana Elie-Meyers. We wanted to chat with Lana about starting her business, and what international women's day means to her.   Hi Lana, what is Floom and what made you decide to start your business?   Floom is...

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Explore colour psychology in five simple ways

Explore colour psychology in our most recent mahabis blog post. From how we wear colour to the cultural nuances that drive our colour choices, we talk about five simple ways colour can impact so much of our every day. 

The best summer slippers

We've created the best summer slippers of 2022 by working with the best designers, footwear technicians and factories. The mahabis breathe summer slippers excel in comfort, breathability, practicality and style.

mahabis gift guide; the christmas movie edition

  find the perfect gift for a loved one based on their taste in christmas movies.        finding the right gift for each loved one can be a chore, but not when you enlist the help of those festive friends you see the same time each year; we’re...

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mahabis chill // five apps to help you unwind

the world's obsession with productivity is being catered to by productivity apps designed to help you achieve more, in less time. In the face of this, we want to bring you apps that help you relax, unwind, and switch off....

mahabis // national relaxation day

in light of National Relaxation Day, we thought we'd take some time to reflect on the importance of taking time out to relax, no matter how busy we are. we now live in a world that is always on the go, which makes it all the more important that we take the time to ...

mahabis photography // silence series, by claire droppert

Claire Droppert’s intriguing photo series explores the tranquillity and absence of sound in the places that she visits. By photographing peaceful scenery with the lack of any human interaction, her images conjure up visions of a land where humans have never stepped foo...

mahabis travel // best european squares

when visiting cities across Europe, why not visit the local squares to soak in the architecture and culture, but also to sit with a cup of espresso and spend some time simply watching the world go by.




mahabis travel // short breaks in the uk

yYou don’t have to go abroad to experience a relaxing city break. we've pulled together Sunday Guides to three UK cities to demonstrate how you can relax and unwind amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. 

five scandinavian foods to try

Scandinavia knows how to whip up wonderful feasts from foraged berries, the land and the sea. Read on to find out more about these delights from the land of ice and fire and Viking lore.

five scandinavian habits worth adopting

with Scandinavian countries consistently topping the lists of 'happiest residents' and 'quality of life' it seems only pertinent that we take a closer look at what they are doing so right. 

mahabis guide // creating a work-life balance when working from home

working from home isn’t all lie-ins and lounging in comfortable clothes. in some ways, it can be more stressful and tiring that working a traditional nine-to-five, where you at least have a clear boundary of where work finishes and your downtime begins. read on to disc...

mahabis guide // how to embrace the greek concept of volta

volta involves taking a leisurely stroll along the main promenade of your town during the hours of sundown. rather than simply describing a casual walk, volta is a pastime that is shared with friends and neighbours, providing a social hig...

sit less. stand more.

a lack of physical stress can have a profound effect not only on our bodies, but on our minds too. Without the endorphins induced by exercise we are prone to lethargy and even depression. 

relaxing road trips

take a look at the world’s most inspiring road trips and prepare to let your mind wander.

the power of disorganised moments

in the hustle of trying to jam pack our days and “make the most of it” we are losing our primal need for the unplanned.

macro effects of micro-habits

taking tiny steps each day is far more manageable than running a marathon. In short, small changes can reap big benefits.

four ways to embrace the winter solstice

    The cosiest season is upon us. Snow has fallen and Christmas is coming. With winter comes shorter days, long nights and the perfect atmosphere to make the most of home. The winter solstice, or midwinter, is the shortest day of the year, and is responsible for the humble...

seven cities to escape to this winter

seven cities to escape to this winter

  Although dark nights and plunging temperatures can feel gloomy, winter also comes with a promise of cozy fires, long baths with a good book, and time to mull over the past year. For those who are feeling restless from all that time indoors, here are seven winter cities to...


#5minutespeace with mahabis

        Sometimes we all need 5 minutes peace. Especially at Christmas. Here at mahabis, we hope to make those moments extra special, to emphasise the value of downtime, and the importance of making time.   Follow our story of one boy’s mission to give his mother 5...

the ultimate gift guide

the mahabis gift guide

  the classic gift  // An age-old product reinvented for the 21st century. Award-winning comfort combined with a choice of unique detachable soles - the mahabis classic is the ultimate gift to spoil your loved one. The perfect balance of warmth and breathability, give the gift of downtime with the mahabis classic.       the...

scandinavian trips

five scandinavian journeys worth taking

  Snow-capped cliffs axed in two by bending fjords, cold open skies, and miles of silence – Scandinavia in the winter months is a wonder to behold. Travelers seeking plenty of space, wild walks through the forests, and pure comfort beside the fire will find their solace in the far-flung...

remote working

why to swap the office for a coffee shop

  Coffee shops are often filled with people sipping on lattes while typing away. There is a hum of conversation, the whirring of coffee machines and the inevitable clicking of keyboards. It is a lively environment and could even be seen as distracting, but recent studies have shown that this...

scroll less look more

scroll less. look more.

  It has long been believed that time and money are two of the most important factors in life. Many people find that they never have enough of either. While money can ensure a comfortable life, time is what we often want more of at the end of each day....

extra hour

five ways to use your extra hour this weekend

As the clocks fall back this autumn, we gain an hour for one day. With the clocks changing comes the unpacking of gloves and scarves, logs on the fire, and endless cups of coffee. In order to ready yourself for the shorter days, we bring you five ways to make...

turn off. tune out.

turn off. tune out.

  You’re leaving work and catch the elevator down to the main entrance. You stop at the next floor and an acquaintance joins you, so you offer some small talk to get through the ride. Suddenly you are out of things to say and so are they. You start counting...

autumn city breaks

seven cities to escape to this autumn

  When summer sizzles out, autumn moves in. The shoulder season is a fabulous time for adventures, the crowds have all dispersed, accommodation costs have dropped, and travel replaces its hard edge with something softer. Here are our pick of the perfect cities for celebrating the change.     Prague...

doing nothing

the lost art of doing nothing

  We are in the era of movers and shakers. We are perpetually hustling, multi-tasking and overworking based on the perception that being busy can be equated to success. So we work the late hours, pursue side gigs, pack our weekends with activities and leave very little time to breathe...


three ways healthy feet can improve your yoga

    Yoga is all about that base. A strong and steady foundation begins at the feet, so it’s no surprise that those who take care of their feet can see great improvement in their yoga practice over time. Simple stretches and exercises, along with comfortable shoes, relaxation and the...

busier isn't better

why busier isn’t better

    As a human race, we are always on the go. We grab a coffee, while on the phone with our boss, walking to work and simultaneously mentally prepping for a meeting. We take lunch at our desk with our eyes focused on our computers, never truly coming up...

the mahabis outdoor slipper

how to feel at home everywhere

  At times we are all thrown out of our comfort zone. When travelling for work, or leisure, alien environments can be exciting. At the same time, maintaining your comfort can be sorely missed. New places and faces can present overwhelming new-ness. Surrounding yourself with things to ensure you feel at home...

yoga starts at the base

why improving in yoga starts at the base

  Each day our feet carry the weight of us through our routines. They support us through our lengthy walks with our dogs, our occasional runs, our late nights out dancing with friends and our much-needed yoga sessions the day after. As one of our most used body parts, it is...

downtime isn't lost time

why downtime isn't lost time

  While many of us dream of days when we can do ‘absolutely nothing’, as soon as they roll around we find ourselves struggling to sit still. Relaxation guilt is a real thing. It doesn’t help that we are surrounded by a culture of constant reminders to be high flyers,...

cabin retreats

the ultimate cabin retreats

  A perfect collaboration of nature and architecture. Check out these cabin getaways: idyllic and remote, with the beauty and style of perfect design.    poland //    The first is seated in the green hills of Poland. The cabin was designed by SK Architecti and Ideal Arch Visuals. This family...


yoga mindset to everyday mindset

  We all know that yoga is an exercise for both the mind and body. Yogis worldwide get to experience the many benefits like increased flexibility and energy, improved balance and circulatory health as well as stress relief and inner peace. People who practice yoga are able to achieve mindfulness...

where to go to clear your head

  There is nothing quite like high altitudes and fresh mountain air to help you throw off the cobwebs of everyday life. Free your mind and peruse our list of escapes above the clouds.        st moritz, switzerland //  The Swiss resort is notorious primarily for its snow loving winter...

music and relaxation

press play. and relax.

  We all have our own way of winding down after a long day. For some that may be a glass of wine and a great show, while others might like to sip some tea while escaping into a book. Whatever you choose, taking the time to relax and unwind...

buying time

three ways to buy time

    We all begin on equal ground with 168 hours in a week. We're left with 128 after a 40-hour work week. Maybe trim that down to 120 once you factor in the commute. If you're lucky enough to get eight hours of sleep each night, you're left with...

make space to be creative

make space for creativity

  From scribbling away in a tiny bookshop above the spires of Paris to roaming the wild and open lands of Yorkshire – finding a creative flash can often be inspired by your surroundings. It’s no secret that some of the world’s greatest visionaries – be they artists or writers, turned to...

take time to look up

  These days we're often multitasking to such an extent that we can find we walk everywhere looking down at our phones. We're accustomed to scrolling continuously on our smartphones wherever we are. However, like the art, fashion and technology we see on our Instagram feeds, the architecture around us also has it's own...

make space in the city

make space in the city

  Living in a city can mean constant excitement, but with the ongoing stream of business and play, sometimes we can long for an escape, whether we’re aware of it or not. City gardens can be the perfect way to make space – in the midst of the concrete jungle you...

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