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how to support your achy feet

In this article, we’ll explore how the right footwear can make a significant difference in relieving foot strain. We'll also highlight some simple daily habits that can contribute to overall foot health.

the benefits of slippers

If you’re wondering what benefits a slipper can offer, you’ve come to the right place. From warmth and design to foot support, here’s why you should consider investing in a pair of sl...

tips for loving mondays

Here are 5 simple, achievable things you can do to turn Mondays into your favourite day of the week. These small rituals can turn the start of the week into a day that is not just manageable, but genuinely enjoyable.


Resolutions Are Out

  Why Prioritising Comfort Is Crucial for Your Wellbeing As the calendar resets and the promise of a new year beckons, many of us find ourselves knee-deep in resolutions—commitments to change, improve, and transform.    Yet, in a world where the pressures of success, productivity, and self-improvement loom large, there’s...

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The Best Summer Sandals

Elevate your sunny days with our high-tech summer dreamer sandals featuring the innovative EnergyFlow™ sole and eco-friendly suede upper. 

an interview with
Lana Elie

This international womens day, we reached out to the founder of Floom, Lana Elie-Meyers. We wanted to chat with Lana about starting her business, and what international women's day means to her.   Hi Lana, what is Floom and what made you decide to start your business?   Floom is...

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Explore colour psychology in five simple ways

Explore colour psychology in our most recent mahabis blog post. From how we wear colour to the cultural nuances that drive our colour choices, we talk about five simple ways colour can impact so much of our every day. 

The best summer slippers

We've created the best summer slippers of 2022 by working with the best designers, footwear technicians and factories. The mahabis breathe summer slippers excel in comfort, breathability, practicality and style.

mahabis // national relaxation day

in light of National Relaxation Day, we thought we'd take some time to reflect on the importance of taking time out to relax, no matter how busy we are. we now live in a world that is always on the go, which makes it all the more important that we take the time to ...

mahabis photography // silence series, by claire droppert

Claire Droppert’s intriguing photo series explores the tranquillity and absence of sound in the places that she visits. By photographing peaceful scenery with the lack of any human interaction, her images conjure up visions of a land where humans have never stepped foo...

mahabis travel // best european squares

when visiting cities across Europe, why not visit the local squares to soak in the architecture and culture, but also to sit with a cup of espresso and spend some time simply watching the world go by.




five scandinavian habits worth adopting

with Scandinavian countries consistently topping the lists of 'happiest residents' and 'quality of life' it seems only pertinent that we take a closer look at what they are doing so right. 

mahabis guide // creating a work-life balance when working from home

working from home isn’t all lie-ins and lounging in comfortable clothes. in some ways, it can be more stressful and tiring that working a traditional nine-to-five, where you at least have a clear boundary of where work finishes and your downtime begins. read on to disc...

mahabis guide // how to embrace the greek concept of volta

volta involves taking a leisurely stroll along the main promenade of your town during the hours of sundown. rather than simply describing a casual walk, volta is a pastime that is shared with friends and neighbours, providing a social hig...

sit less. stand more.

a lack of physical stress can have a profound effect not only on our bodies, but on our minds too. Without the endorphins induced by exercise we are prone to lethargy and even depression. 

macro effects of micro-habits

taking tiny steps each day is far more manageable than running a marathon. In short, small changes can reap big benefits.

four ways to embrace the winter solstice

    The cosiest season is upon us. Snow has fallen and Christmas is coming. With winter comes shorter days, long nights and the perfect atmosphere to make the most of home. The winter solstice, or midwinter, is the shortest day of the year, and is responsible for the humble...


#5minutespeace with mahabis

        Sometimes we all need 5 minutes peace. Especially at Christmas. Here at mahabis, we hope to make those moments extra special, to emphasise the value of downtime, and the importance of making time.   Follow our story of one boy’s mission to give his mother 5...

the ultimate gift guide

the mahabis gift guide

  the classic gift  // An age-old product reinvented for the 21st century. Award-winning comfort combined with a choice of unique detachable soles - the mahabis classic is the ultimate gift to spoil your loved one. The perfect balance of warmth and breathability, give the gift of downtime with the mahabis classic.       the...

remote working

why to swap the office for a coffee shop

  Coffee shops are often filled with people sipping on lattes while typing away. There is a hum of conversation, the whirring of coffee machines and the inevitable clicking of keyboards. It is a lively environment and could even be seen as distracting, but recent studies have shown that this...


three ways healthy feet can improve your yoga

    Yoga is all about that base. A strong and steady foundation begins at the feet, so it’s no surprise that those who take care of their feet can see great improvement in their yoga practice over time. Simple stretches and exercises, along with comfortable shoes, relaxation and the...

yoga starts at the base

why improving in yoga starts at the base

  Each day our feet carry the weight of us through our routines. They support us through our lengthy walks with our dogs, our occasional runs, our late nights out dancing with friends and our much-needed yoga sessions the day after. As one of our most used body parts, it is...


yoga mindset to everyday mindset

  We all know that yoga is an exercise for both the mind and body. Yogis worldwide get to experience the many benefits like increased flexibility and energy, improved balance and circulatory health as well as stress relief and inner peace. People who practice yoga are able to achieve mindfulness...

scandinavian midsummer

how to celebrate midsummer the scandinavian way

It is said that a midsummers eve should start with flowers and end in fire.  After endless days of winter darkness, Scandinavians are more than glad to welcome the midnight sun that barely dips its head beneath the horizon before rising again. White nights are a time of softness and...

bobby burrage

bobby burrage, on dad-time and downtime

  We chat with Bobby Burrage, Creative Director of The Click Design Consultants, a branding consultancy and co-Creative Director of Nor–Folk. Father to Stanley, aged four, and husband to Fiona Burrage, we find out how Bobby makes time for both dad-time and downtime.   Bobby's choice of mahabis: larvik dark...

the mahabis luxe

reinventing luxury // joe cooke, lead designer

  From the sheepwool lining of the mahabis classic, to the lightweight breathable mesh that forms the summer edition, we thought we'd share the inspiration behind the creation of the mahabis luxe. We chat to lead designer Joe Cooke about how he designed the luxe, and how it differs from our timeless classic...

the benefits of living at a slower pace

stop rushing. start wasting time.

  From the second we open our eyes to the moment we go to sleep – it’s easy to get swept down the rapid-fire river of 21st century life. We live in a world deliriously on the go; we climb career ladders, we stomp across the globe, we're constantly setting ourselves...

mahabis interviews

mahabis interviews // marie dahlstrøm

    We catch up with Danish singer-songwriter, Marie Dahlstrøm. From performing on stage, to recording at her home in London, we find out what it is that makes Marie feel relaxed and comfortable. Influenced by her experiences in both Copenhagen and London, Marie's music is a mixture of singer songwriter style, and soulful R&B sound....

kids slippers

reinventing the kids slipper // joe cooke, lead designer

  We catch up with our lead designer, Joe Cooke, about his inspiration when designing mahabis, and more recently, the mahabis kids range. Read on to find out how comfort and the importance of downtime have led to the creation of our timeless mahabis slipper.   "mahabis are created to help to give you space,...

enclothed cognition

the importance of enclothed cognition

    In the thrum of our modern world we have become accustomed to different dress for different modes. At home, we slip out of our work clothes and into soft slippers and cozy clothes. Even the very act of taking a watch off your wrist can cause an immediate...

rjukan, norway

mahabis stories // discovering rjukan, norway

  The place behind the name for our Rjukan Red sits at the foot of Norway's most beautiful mountain, Gaustatoppen. Rjukan itself is a UNESCO world heritage site, and has a rich history to boot.  The town is named after Rjukan Falls, a 104m waterfall to the west. Literally translated it...

mahabis reviews

mahabis reviews // part one

  We love hearing back from our mahabis wearers about what they think of their mahabis, so we've picked a few of our favourite reviews to share.   'never been a big slipper wearer,  have barely taken them off as they are so comfortable. try a pair - you won't...

mahabis worldwide

mahabis around the world

  We love seeing how our mahabis wearers like to wear their mahabis, and the variety of locations that they end up in across the world. From Nami Island to Madrid, from sea to snow, we decided to take a look at where in the world our mahabis wearers are deciding putting their feet up.  ...

spring traditions

mahabis journal // spring traditions around the world

  Spring as a season offers many things. The change in daylight savings, the blue reappearing in the sky and the flowers emerging from the ground signify the end of winter. For some places, it also indicates the future success of the harvest and new life. Many cultures celebrate with parties, fiestas,...

the mirrorcube, sweded

the tree hotel // sweden

  Found in Harads, northern Sweden, this mirrored glass box hides the perfect getaway location. Suspended high in the trunk of a tree, this 4x4x4 metre cube is built with reflective glass to reflect its surroundings and the sky. Designed by Tham & Videgârd, its camouflaged image reflects the starting point of the...

mahabis ambassador // ian andrew nelson

mahabis interviews // ian andrew nelson

  Before we begin, describe what you do in a sentence. I am the Creative Director for Remember Nhu and a Freelance Commercial and Travel Photographer.      When did you start taking an interest in photography? Actually it was when I first got an iPhone about 6 years ago! My whole...

feet up. slippers on. unwind together.

feet up. mahabis on. unwind together.

  At mahabis we truly value our downtime. In the midst of the chaos of our day to day lives it’s important to take time to enjoy everything that you work so hard for. Often we focus on the serenity of spending time alone. It's at these times we're sure...

lunar effect, mika suutari

lunar effect, by mika suutari

  We take a look at the work of Finnish photographer Mika Suutari. Keen to take photos with a powerful atmosphere, Suutari's 'lunar effect' series captures night time at its best. The clear sky allows us to take in the magnitude of the universe we live in. Sit back, relax,...

getaway cabins

relaxing cabin retreats

  “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach.” ― Henry David Thoreau, Walden   While the whisper of spring is still far from the horizon, now...

work-life balance in iceland

work-life balance in // iceland

  Iceland is a country of contrast. Hot springs of the Blue Lagoon steam amid bitter winters. Rugged snow-covered terrain underneath a swirled canvas of Northern Lights. For the 330,000+ citizens of Iceland, this contrast can also be found in their quest for a satisfying life outside of their normal...

arctic light

arctic light, by bjørg-elise tuppen

  Between the 29th of November and 28th of January, the sun is under the horizon in Arctic Northern Norway. Whilst this period is called 'the time of darkness', the sky is in fact lit up with magnificent hues that are constantly changing. Photographer Bjorg-Elise Tuppen captures the stunning colours that...

nanuya lailai // mahabis journal

top 5 island retreats

  As our day to day lives seem get gradually busier and busier, there’s often nothing better than packing a bag and escaping from it all for a couple of weeks. Although slow city breaks and relaxing road trips can be great, sometimes only an isolated island retreat will do. We’ve...

mahabis journal // the house of the infinite

mahabis journal // the house of the infinite

  Alberto Campo Baeza is a Spanish architect and professor, whose works have been widely recognised. Inspired by his innovative designs, we decided to look at one of our favourites from his collection, known as 'house of the infinite'. Built in the earthly paradise that is Cádiz, this particular house faces towards the infinite Atlantic...

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