we are a premium brand. we know our slippers aren’t cheap. we get it. but there are a million reasons why our curve slippers for example cost what they do. here are just a few of those:
- pure luxury: using only EcoCert™ organic wool from Italy, mahabis curve are unbelievably soft. 

- eco-friendly materials: we use ReWooly™, a carefully recycled wool from Italy that provides comfort with a conscience.

- extreme comfort: engineered for flex, our foam footbed moulds to the shape of your foot like no other slipper.

-thoughtful design: our cleverly designed neoprene heel makes your feet feel supported, secure and snug. 

-durability: our soles are created with responsibly sourced Pura-Latex™ rubber that's designed to last.

            as you can see, the price for a pair of mahabis goes a long way. cutting corners to cut costs just isn't our thing. but looking after our customers is. 

            you can receive a discount by signing up to our newsletter, or shopping in the outlet. we occasionally run competitions where you can enter to win a prize. stay up to date by following us on instagram.

            for UK customers, we also have a recycling scheme in partnership with First Mile to prevent pre-loved mahabis going into landfill. by recycling your mahabis,  you will get a 15% off voucher to go towards your next pair of mahabis.

            other than those exceptions, we trade at full price for good reason. mahabis will never be cheap. they wouldn't be mahabis if they were. we hope you understand.