who we are

welcome to our world

we’re mahabis. footwear for time well spent

the thing that gets us out of bed in the morning? our mission to help the world spend its time well.

it’s a big mission, but it’s one we believe in.

because we believe that time well spent leads to a life well lived.



our founders noticed that people were only allowing themselves time for enjoyment after their to-do lists were completed.

so they set out to create a product that helped people realise that doing very little can also be time well spent.

why footwear?

they’re the things that carry us through life.

mahabis took the world’s most comfortable shoe – the slipper – and ripped up the rulebook to create something functional. something beautiful. something that enhances every minute of whatever you're doing.

Mahabis designed for comfort

designed for comfort

life’s complex. our designs aren’t.

We like to keep things minimal, so you can get on with enjoying your time without distractions.

we design for maximum comfort.

Our london-based design team have created some pretty special features you won’t find on your regular run-of-the-mill slippers.

like our neoprene heel cradle which gently holds your foot in place as you walk. especially on stairs, slippers’ nemesis.

and our hybrid soles, which make it simple for you to pop out whenever you like, without the admin of changing your shoes. because we’ve all got better things to do.

Mahabis materials matter

materials matter

we went to the ends of the earth (well, Australia and New Zealand) to source the wool for our linings and uppers. our soft corriedale and fine romney wools keep the warmth in, the cold out, and your slippers box-fresh for years to come.

mahabis’ premium open cell PU footbeds contour to your feet as you move, making each step as comfortable and supportive as the last.

our soles are made from 100% performance grade TPU, so you can go anywhere, indoors or out.

while our materials on their own are great, mahabis themselves are worth more than the sum of their parts. Stylish, considered, bold and comfortable (really comfortable), they’re the slipper you’ll never want to take off.

Mahabis we do things properly

we do things properly

All of our major suppliers are SEDEX audited and in compliance with the Ethical Trade Initiative. This means the people making mahabis are treated well, paid a fair wage, and provided with a safe working environment.

we put mahabis through their paces.

We work with SATRA, a leading independent research and testing footwear organisation, to ensure our footwear meets the highest durability, abrasion and sizing standards.

Part of this process is putting mahabis through their paces. Over a million in fact. And they more than stand up to the task.

Innovation Meets Comfort in this Brand!