mahabis slippers

welcome home

bringing a footwear icon into the modern world

our purpose has always been simple: elevate the slipper into beautifully-designed footwear fit for modern life. because how we live at home is always evolving. and yet, the way slippers are designed and made hasn’t changed in decades.

to transform the slipper, we took the innovative techniques used to produce high-performance shoes and coupled them with a simple yet eye-catching aesthetic.

today, our signature clean lines are synonymous with comfort and style for work and leisure at home.

easy sophistication at home

designed in London and produced in Portugal, our slippers bring a feeling of easy sophistication to modern living.

we create the perfect blend of form and function by engineering like shoemakers, crafting like artisans and designing with balance in mind.

every pair of mahabis is made using the finest quality materials and unique colour combinations to complement a considered wardrobe.