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Your comfort. 100% guaranteed

We're committed to delivering products that provide the highest level of quality and comfort. We stand behind this commitment with our satisfaction guarantee.

Simply put: if you're not 100% satisfied with the comfort of your mahabis within the first 30 days of wearing them, you can return them for a full refund or a hassle free exchange. (T&Cs apply)

But comfort isn't just about feeling great. It's about knowing you're getting the best too. Below are our comfort promises.

Our comfort promises

  1. 1. Superior Materials: We use only the softest, highest-grade materials, like premium wool, supple leather, and natural rubber to deliver the ultimate under-foot comfort.

2. Sustainable Design: We’re committed to minimising our environmental footprint without compromising on comfort. We will always use natural and recycled materials where we can, offset our carbon footprint and choose recycled and recyclable packaging.


3. Temperature balance: Utilising natural materials known for their breathability, our slippers wick moisture and regulate your temperature, allowing for year-round wearability.


4. Quality Assurance: Rigorously tested for durability, our slippers comfortably withstand the test of time, backed by our comprehensive warranty.


5. Personalised fit: mahabis are made on foot-lasts for accurate and comfortable sizing, and are fitted with a neoprene heel cradle that adapts to the shape of your ankle for a supportive fit.


6. Artisan Craftsmanship: Each pair is handmade by skilled craftsmen, blending traditional techniques with modern innovation for beauty and comfort.


7. Social and Ethical Manufacturing: We promise that our slippers are made in socially and ethically responsible factories, ensuring fair labour practices and contributing to the well-being of our workers and their communities.


8. Easy-Care: Designed with odour-resistant materials that are easy to clean, our slippers keep you feeling fresh for longer.


9. Quiet Comfort: With noise-reducing materials, our soles deliver near-silent footsteps for peaceful mornings, relaxing evenings and tranquil moments between.


While perfection remains an aspiration, we're integrating these principles into all our products to deliver the most comfortable, innovative and well designed footwear.  

A gentle hug for tired feet

mahabis slippers are crafted to gently compress your entire foot, increasing blood flow and reducing swelling while you go about your day.

Sink into the comfort of mahabis for instant relief.

Cushioning footbed

Our contoured footbeds mould to the shape of your foot for a comfortable and supportive fit. Lined with a soft microfibre, these footbeds provide arch support and gentle relief for tired feet.

Enhanced comfort features

These slippers slide on like a dream and fit like a glove, thanks to the neoprene heel cradle. Get a secure, no-slip fit.

give yourself the space to breathe

breathe summer slipper icon 1

lightweight Tencel™ upper

breathe summer slipper icon 2

flexible indoor/outdoor sole

breathe summer slipper icon 3

natural cork footbed

Our top comfort picks

mahabis morzine

  • Brushed leather upper
  • Shoft searling lining
  • Classic TPU sole

mahabis meribel

  • Shearling upper
  • Premium shearling lining
  • Classic TPU sole

mahabis curve

  • Premium felt upper
  • Organic wool lining
  • Curved rubber sole

dreamer sandals

  • Lightweight design
  • EnergyFlow™ sole
  • Breathable upper