maximum comfort. minimal impact.

our sustainability journey

we pride ourselves on making each pair of mahabis as eco-friendly as the next.
for the last few years we have been making some big changes as we strive towards a more sustainable future.

from reducing our carbon footprint by making the majority of our product in Portugal to introducing a recycling scheme and fully recyclable packaging.

we’ve been busy. we have more to do and we’ll keep updating this page as we make progress.



carbon offsetting

creating slippers that are eco-friendly, well designed and comfortable can be challenging, but we're working with Ecologi to make it possible.

to offset our carbon we are now planting one tree for every pair of mahabis sold. on top of that, we are offsetting the personal and professional carbon footprint of our team to create a climate friendly workforce.

also we offer Shop Pay, which neutralises the effects of delivery footprint.


we’ve brought more of our footwear production to be nearer to where our customers are.

as of May 2020, we began producing over 90% of our product in Portugal, a country famous for its artisan approach to footwear. we collaborate with a family owned factory with decades of experience that create for some of the best footwear companies in the world.

this is a video tour of our factory where you can watch the mahabis curve being made.


in 2020 we completely redesigned the boxes we use. we created something that is beautifully designed, recycled, recyclable and uses 30% less materials than our previous packaging.

recycled FSC certified
the mahabis box is engineered using 100% recyclable FSC certified cardboard. intelligently designed by creative director jamal merdassi, it fits together like origami. genius.

as award-winning designers for footwear innovation, we're changing how we create. the mahabis box is 100% recyclable ensuring its impact is as low as we can go right now.

no plastic/ no glue
formed using zero glue and zero chemicals, the mahabis box provides an intelligent approach to designing thoughtful packaging for our new world.

ReWooly™ felt upper

the upper is the largest piece of fabric on a pair of mahabis and the first one that we addressed when we redesigned the mahabis classic to create the mahabis curve, mule and alto.

to create the perfect upper material we worked with Bigagli, a 50-year-old mill North West of Florence, Italy. utilising their advanced recycling technology we have been able to use ReWooly™ felt which is Global Recycling Standard certified and contains at least 50% recycled wool fibres from clothing that would have headed to landfill.

this process creates a fabric that looks exactly the same as freshly sheared wool and harnesses the opportunities of a circular economy as these fibres are reused. this video below shows this process taking place.

EcoCert® wool lining

it’s important to us that we know where wool comes from and how it has been sourced.

all our new winter ranges are lined with Italian wool which is certified organic by the European organic certification organisation EcoCert.

The wool is certified non-mulesed which means that the shearing of the wool does not negatively impact the health and wellbeing of the sheep.

sustainably sourced rubber sole

historically the soles of slippers have been mainly plastic, we’re changing that one slipper at a time.

when creating the mahabis curve in 2020 we replaced the old plastic sole with one made from Pura-Latex™ rubber, responsibly sourced from the Hevea tree. designed to improve shock absorption and grip, not only is this a natural material but also 100% recyclable.

the breathe summer slipper

for the mahabis breathe, our latest warm climate slipper, we developed a brand new upper fabric using Tencel’s cellulosic fibres of botanic origin.

this 100% natural lyocell fibre is created naturally and using the latest technology keeps your feet feeling fresh.

the hybrid EVA sole has been engineered with our responsibly sourced Pura-Latex™ rubber mixed with 5% cornflour to reduce environmental impact.

to remove yet another synthetic material from our supply chain we have created a cooling cork feature. the footbed is created using natural cork, which makes the wearer feel as though they’re walking in bare feet and regulates foot temperature in warmer seasons/ climates.

recycling scheme (currently UK only)

the mahabis recycling scheme is a partnership with environmental firm First Mile to prevent pre-loved mahabis from going into landfill.

you can give your pre-loved mahabis a second life by processing, shredding and transforming them into playground surfacing, roads, boxing bag inners, and a whole lot more.

we’ll reward you, as well as the environment for your time - not only will you be reducing landfill waste, you will get a 15% off voucher to go towards your next pair of mahabis.