recycle your old mahabis


you can now recycle your old mahabis. 

send us your pre-loved mahabis (free of charge), and we'll recycle them and send you a voucher for 15%* off your next pair. 
we are working with First Mile to leave a greener footprint on the planet. if you have more questions about our recycling scheme, check out our FAQs below. 


how to recycle your mahabis: 

step 1: complete this online form


step 2: print out the royal mail prepaid returns label we email you


step 3: wrap up your slippers so they can can fit into a postbox (a carrier bag works well) and attach your label to the outside 


step 4: pop them in the post 


step 5: keep an eye on your email for your 15% discount code  




for more information, read our FAQs below:  


What is the mahabis recycling scheme? 

The mahabis recycling scheme is a program we are running with First Mile to prevent mababis from going into landfill. We take your old mahabis, turn them into other useful products, and reward you for your good work. 


What happens to my slippers when they are recycled? 

Our warehouse in Swindon will store your pre-loved slippers until they have enough for one big (and economical) shipment to First Mile in Cheshire, our recycling partner. 


 First Mile then give your mahabis a second life by processing, shredding and transforming them into playground surfacing, roads, boxing bag inners, and a whole lot more. 


What condition can my mahabis be in when I return them? 

First Mile will find a new life for your mahabis regardless of their condition — pre loved, really loved, and really really loved. Any condition is fine. 


Can I recycle the detachable-soled mahabis? 

Yes, absolutely. We will recycle any model of mahabis.  


Where can I return them?

As long as you’re based in the UK, they can be dropped into any Royal Mail postbox, or dropped off at any Royal Mail post office. Remember to pack them without a box to reduce waste and to ensure that they will fit into a post box.


What are the benefits of recycling my mahabis? 

Not only will you be reducing landfill waste, you will be rewarded with a 15% off voucher for your next pair of mahabis. 


What if I can only find one of my mahabis? 

That’s not a problem – just send the one. (Although you won’t get another voucher if you end up returning the missing slipper)


Can I send back other shoes with my mahabis?

Unfortunately we can only recycle mahabis. But check the website of any other shoes you wish to recycle as they may have their own recycling scheme - it’s a trend we’re hoping will catch on industry-wide.  


Do they need to be boxed?

No. It’s best if they’re unboxed to reduce waste. Feel free to pack in a mail sack or even an old carrier bag – all that’s needed is for it to be taped up securely with the returns label firmly stuck to the outside so it’s clearly visible.


Can I send back more than one pair?

Yes you can! And you will receive a voucher code for each pair returned, however only one code can be used per purchase. 





*15% discount code valid for 3 months. cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.  offer available on full priced products.