• Resolutions Are Out

Resolutions Are Out


Why Prioritising Comfort Is Crucial for Your Wellbeing
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As the calendar resets and the promise of a new year beckons, many of us find ourselves knee-deep in resolutions—commitments to change, improve, and transform. 


Yet, in a world where the pressures of success, productivity, and self-improvement loom large, there’s a compelling case to be made for embracing a different approach: prioritising comfort. 


This paradigm shift isn't just about fluffy slippers and plush blankets; it's about recognising the profound impact comfort has on our overall wellbeing and why it deserves a spotlight over rigid resolutions.


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Resolutions often revolve around the idea of imposing strict changes or goals upon ourselves. While the intent behind these promises may be positive, the inherent nature of resolutions tends to lean towards restriction and often sets unrealistic standards. 


This pressure to conform to unattainable ideals can lead to stress, anxiety, and self-doubt when those resolutions (inevitably) falter. 


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In contrast, embracing comfort encompasses a more nurturing and holistic approach to self-care—one that prioritises mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.


Comfort, in its essence, isn’t just about physical relaxation; it encompasses creating an environment that fosters peace, contentment, and security. It’s about tuning into what feels good for our bodies, minds, and souls. It’s about creating a solid foundation from which growth and personal development can naturally blossom. 


When we feel comfortable and secure in our environment, we are more likely to explore new avenues and challenges without the fear of failure or judgement. 


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Moreover, comfort plays a pivotal role in stress reduction. Research unsurprisingly suggests that chronic stress can lead to adverse health effects, both physical and psychological. By prioritising comfort, we create spaces and routines that act as buffers against the constant pressures of modern life. 


It could be as simple as finding solace in a soft, warm pair of slippers at the end of a hectic day (we just happen to sell a few of those here), which offer a moment of respite to recharge and rejuvenate. Or about establishing habits that promote comfort and happiness, like incorporating mindfulness practices, nurturing relationships, or indulging in hobbies that bring joy.


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As the new year continues to unfold, let’s challenge the status quo of resolutions and instead embrace the notion that being comfortable is not a luxury but a necessity for a healthier, happier life.


It’s time to step into the new year not with rigid resolutions but with a commitment to prioritising comfort—a resolution in itself that transcends limitations and empowers us to lead more fulfilling lives.

Book recommendation: Atomic Habits by James Clear. A simple set of rules for creating good habits and breaking bad ones. 

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