The best summer slippers


A guide to finding the most comfortable, breathable, practical and stylish summer slippers.

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Looking for the best summer slippers? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve been making summer slippers for years, and after many prototypes, iterations and a slipper-tonne of customer research, we’ve created what we believe to be our best summer slipper yet: the mahabis breathe summer slippers.






What makes these the BEST summer slippers? 

We worked with the best designers, footwear technicians and factories to make sure the breathe summer slippers excelled in these four key areas; comfort, breathability, practicality and style. 


On top of that, we added extra features to ensure you get everything you need from one pair of summer shoes. the mahabis breathe summer slippers are:


highly flexible

great for travel

gently compressing 

machine washable 

shock absorbent

blister free 


Read on to find out more. 


mahabis breathe classic slippers in 3 colours




The most COMFORTABLE summer slippers


Yes slippers need to be comfortable, but there is a certain type of comfort you need in summer. in hot weather feet can swell, so it was important to create an upper which would counteract this.  


The breathe’s soft Tencel upper is not only gentle on the skin, but supportive enough to gently compress the entire foot. It’s bliss for tired or swollen feet. Made from plant-based fibres which are gentle on the skin, biodegradable and long-lasting.


At the same time the upper isn’t restrictive, giving you plenty of flexibility as you move. if you’re spending long hours standing on your feet this summer, a non-rigid structure will let your feet spread, creating a larger surface area to distribute your body weight. this is important for avoiding tired and achy feet this summer. 

For added comfort we chose cork to line breathe’s open-cell PU footbeds as it's lightweight, breathable, shock and moisture absorbent so you don't have to bother with socks this summer.




blue breathe summer slippers on outdoor mat 


The most BREATHABLE summer slippers. 


The best summer slippers will give you all the comfort of a traditional winter slipper without compromising on breathability. 


This is why the mahabis breathe’s super open-knit upper is made from Tencel. not only is it long lasting and biodegradable, but it’s also incredibly soft and breathable. The mahabis breathe lets air flow around your whole foot giving you cooling comfort from sunrise to sunset.




woman relaxes in garden with her breathe summer slippers 


The most PRACTICAL summer slippers. 

When it starts to warm up, life spills out beyond the front door into gardens, terraces, and balconies; these become extensions of our living spaces. Therefore the best summer slippers will have a durable and practical sole which can withstand an alfresco lifestyle too. 

The breathe has a specially formulated EVA sole, made with 5% cornflour to reduce environmental impact. Unbeatable in softness and flexibility, a geometric pattern also cleverly displaces water for superior grip when out and about. they’re also easy to wipe clean on a doormat. 


For added practicality the breathe features our innovative neoprene heel cradle which gently holds your heel in place to reduce the risk of rubbing and blisters. You will feel supported and secure, all day long. 

They’re also machine washable, so they stay fresh and clean all summer.



from sunrise to sunset slippers



The most STYLISH summer slippers. 

We’ve created a summer slipper you’ll be proud to answer the door in. From dressing down to winding down, the mahabis breathe pair as perfectly with pyjamas as they do jeans, taking you seamlessly from sunrise to sunset. 


They’re also the perfect travel slippers; light, easy to pack and versatile, they're the one pair you’ll need from airport to villa. They also come with a free luxury travel slipper bag.


Available in a range of colours, these unisex shoes make the perfect summer slippers.



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