5 ways to declutter your home and mind

savvy husband and wife team Owen and Corné from boutique interior design business O&Co. give you a step-by-step guide on how to refresh your home. 

There couldn’t be a better interior design duo to help declutter your home. Husband and wife Owen and Corné have over 30 years of industry experience through their Cotswolds-based interior design business aptly named ‘O&Co.’ They know exactly what works in a space and what doesn’t. Owen and Corné completely reimagine homes and not only offer tailor made interior design packages but craft exclusive bespoke furniture as well. This is why they’re more than equipped to guide us through achievable ways to minimise clutter and maximise space, knowing the all-important positive effects this kind of cleansing ritual can have on the mind.   

How important is it to declutter the home and what benefits does it have?

“Firstly decluttering enables us to focus on quality over quantity. It has the hugely important benefit of helping to protect the environment from the unnecessary overproduction of mass-made goods with short life spans.”


What key advice would you give to declutter the home in the most effective way?


“Evaluate what you really need. Be aware of the power of advertising, making us believe that we “want” more than we need. Having fewer quality possessions inevitably creates more space and a streamlined organised environment encourages a healthier and happier lifestyle.”


How do you think the pandemic has and will affect the home?


“We have all been forced to re-evaluate the way we use our homes during 2020 and this will likely continue for most of 2021. Perhaps, work offices will become a permanent fixture in our homes and the reality is being surrounded by clutter can reduce our productivity and can cause anxiety and depression. Refreshing your living space and zoning your workspace will greatly improve your peace of mind.”


What is the best way to go about decluttering the home? Can you give us a step-by-step guide? 


  1. Bitesize Goals - Decluttering an entire home is a daunting task. Break down the process into manageable chunks that are achievable within a set time frame. Room by room or even cupboard by cupboard! Seeing just one room stripped of unnecessary “stuff” can give you the sense of achievement you need to inspire you to press on with the rest of the house.

  2. Edit – Have an honest conversation with yourself. What do you “really” need and what do you “constantly” use?  If you have not worn or used it in a year… it is time to rethink!

  3. Set up a System – Start with smaller and stackable items. Arm yourself with large boxes and airtight containers. Categorize them into the following: eBay/Bin/Recycle/Loft-Garage-Storage/Unit/Charity/Hand-me-downs/Sentimental keepsakes. Be brutal, pour a glass of wine and just go for it! 

  4. Think Storage – Make sure your storage solutions are fit for purpose. The first question we ask our clients when asked to design storage (be this for kitchens, dressing rooms, studies or bathrooms) is what are you intending to store in/on it? For example, how many metres of bookshelves will you need to house your entire “edited” book collection to avoid an untidy overspill?  Whether you are buying a new free-standing bookshelf or embark on having a bespoke joinery piece, ensure that the design is not only fit for purpose but seamlessly integrated within your space. A light, bright open space with well-planned storage solutions provide a refreshing break from disarray and clutter.

  5. Zone & Recharge – Last but not least, decluttering is not just for your home. It goes without saying, we can all do with less screen time and now that we are forced to work in our living spaces, it is more important than ever to have a designated space to turn off in.  Allocate a “strictly No Devices No Work room or area”. Turn on a tune, turn the page of a book, but do not turn on the work conversation or the TV!

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