• five questions with Brogan from Pecha Kucha

five questions with Brogan from Pecha Kucha

the presentation nights happening in over 1000 cities around the world


At mahabis we believe in time well spent, so naturally presentations that drag on don’t really float our boat
. Which is why Pecha Kucha’s 20x20 presentation format interests us so much. 

Pecha Kucha is a collective which gives creative people a platform to share their thoughts, concepts and ideas with an audience. There’s one major catch - each speaker can only present 20 images, and each image changes automatically after 20 seconds. meaning presenters need to keep up, and keep it brief. 

We went to a recent Pecha Kucha event to meet Brogan, the organiser of the London series, and to see time well spent in action. We also gifted Brogan a pair of mahabis for her efforts in helping others share their ideas visually, concisely and memorably.



QUESTION ONE  How did you first get involved with Pecha Kucha? 

I had attended some Pecha Kucha events in my hometown of Calgary, so when I moved to London I tried looking up their next event but couldn’t find anything.

When the event randomly popped up on Eventbrite I was so excited. I went with my friend to The Bookclub in Shoreditch and had a brilliant evening watching some really interesting speakers.

I accosted the host Claire during the break and told her I really wanted help with future events. We met up the week after and started running these events together. Claire has just moved back to New Zealand, so I’m now working solo. 



QUESTION TWO  This concept has been taken world-wide.  Why do you think it’s so successful? 

This presentation style lends itself to the creative community, so the talks are always super interesting. People leave the evenings feeling as if they’ve learnt something new, at least I certainly do.

The community of people who attend these events also make it so popular - you are presenting to a group of warm, friendly, interested people. 


  What’s the most interesting topic you’ve seen at a PK event? 

We worked with the Transport Museum for a night entirely devoted to the fabric of transport in London which was fascinating.

We had the maker of the slowest coffee machine in the world who was fantastic and then a few events later had his wife who was hilarious and motivating.

Honestly, they’re all so good it’s hard to choose one! 




QUESTION FOUR have you ever witnessed a disaster with someone not being able to hack the time pressure?  

No disasters thankfully, but not everything goes to time. There is something charming about people running over or under and the audience supporting them through it.






QUESTION FIVE what type of topics make the best presentations

We had someone come in and put up 20 pictures of all the ramen he had in Japan and it was such a good presentation!

If you are passionate about the subject, it’s going to come across.



bonus quick-fire questions 

1. Who would you most like to see present at a PK event? 
Sadiq Khan

2. Favourite way to spend your downtime in London? 
Something fun I’ve been doing lately is Eventbrite roulette – pick a date and then see which random event you can attend.

So far we’ve attended a Bulgarian poetry reading, an architectural firm open evening (where there was an unsanctioned PechaKucha being run!) and I even accidentally crashed an engagement party…

3. Your top tip for people presenting at a Pecha Kucha
Try not to worry about it too much. Some slides you’ll go over, some slides you will be under. I like to say 20 seconds is either really long or really short – seems that there really isn’t an in-between.

4. What do you prefer writing - letters or postcards?
Postcards! I have a pen pal in Canada, my best friend's 6-year-old daughter, who I try to send postcards to as often as possible.

5. Favourite venue in London? 
Probably the Tate Modern, I just love it there.



London's next London Pecha Kucha event is on November 28th at HubHub in Farringdon, and you can get 50% off your ticket here. The event after that will be in the British Museum in March 2020, so keep an eye out for that event too!
To find and attend a Pecha Kucha event in a city near you, check out pechakucha.com



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