• 5 ways to transform your home into an indoor oasis

5 ways to transform your home into an indoor oasis

Indoor plants are a quick and easy way to give your home a new look. They create a calming effect and inject any room with instant colour. Here are five tips from British plant-delivery service Patch Plants to transform your home with greenery.

tip one: the more plants the better

“Good news: indoor plants never clash. Use plants of different colours and with different leaf shapes and sizes. The more variation the better. 

Crowd five or six together - don’t overthink it; just mix up the sizes - and you’ll create a mini urban jungle with instant impact.”

tip two: use plants in odd numbers

“Whenever you’re arranging plants they’ll always look better in odd numbers. Even numbers can look a bit formal, which is great if that’s the look you want, but for something more inviting and casual, keep it odd.”


tip three: spread plants around the room

“Whenever you’re decorating you want to create a sense of harmony in the room. All the different parts of the space, even if it’s a tiny box room, should be echoing each other visually. It’s so easy to do that with plants.

Put a large plant in a corner, a trailing plant on a shelf and then a smaller potted plant on a sideboard or fireplace, and you’ll make the room feel pulled together. Your eye will travel to the different flashes of green.”

tip four: put plants in unexpected places

“Adding a selection of plants to every room will help create a feeling of calm wherever you go. There’s a plant that will thrive in every spot, as long as it gets at least a little sunlight. 

In the bathroom, place ferns, like Bertie the Boston fern or a crocodile fern, in every available spot. They love the humidity and make even tiny bathrooms feel luxe. 

And don’t forget hallways. Even if they have low light, you can use Cassie the ZZ plant or a Sansevieria. They’ll live anywhere and cheer up any space.”

tip five: fill your bedroom with green

“The soothing effect of plants is a huge benefit in the bedroom. They’ll add to the relaxing feel of the room.

An easy way to add green is to put plants on your bedside tables - a Chinese money plant is a great choice. You can take the look up a notch by adding a tree to your bedroom, like a fiddle leaf fig. Or place a shelf above your bed and cover it with hanging plants, like a golden pothos or neon pothos.

Don’t think of these as rules, just suggestions. The fantastic thing about decorating with plants is there are no rules. Try different things. If you want to change the look again, just move them somewhere else.”

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