5 ways neutral lovers can add a splash of colour to their home

lucas London from Lick paint talks to mahabis


for advice on adding colour to our homes, Lucas London was the person we wanted to interview. he’s the co-founder of Lick Paint, a designer paint and interiors company who have reimagined the way we decorate our homes by offering a manageable amount of colours to choose from, and doing away with expensive, messy and time consuming test pots. their peel-and-stick samples fit in well with our time well spent mentality.


we know from our best-selling slippers that our customers love adding a pop of colour into their wardrobes, but adding colour to the home is often a more daunting (and permanent) move. so we asked Lucas to talk us through five of the simplest and smartest ways to integrate a bit of colour into a neutral home .



mahabis add colour to your home


1. maintain a neutral decor scheme whilst introducing splashes of colour through warm beiges, soft pinks and gentle greens.

paint can be the most effective way of creating the perfect atmosphere. when it comes to naturals our neutral colour palette ticks all the boxes. gentle undertones and muted tints and soft shades can make your space feel like it’s giving you the warmest of hugs. choose colours that connect you to nature; soft beiges like our Beige 01 and Beige 02, taupes and soothing greens like Green 01 or Green 09. using these delicate colours can make you feel calm, cosy and of course, make your space look amazing. 

Lick has curated numerous neutral colour palettes, such as our Japandi style palette and Timeless Neutrals palette by Kelly Hoppen CBE.


image via Lick // @home_in_the_crescent




2. house plants & flowers

there is nothing more natural or more delightful than plants and flowers in your home. when you add splashes of mother nature to your space it can make you feel calm, connected to nature and can restore your mental energy. they not only look good but they also oxygenate the air and fill your space with a delicious scent. it’s a beautiful way of adding colour to your space whilst also restoring your zen.


image via Lick // @tash_lickcolourpro 




3. Layering: add texture with rugs, cushions, throws & soft furnishings

the key to neutrals is layering. to create visual interest and pockets of colour in a neutral space, look to your soft furnishings and accessories. adding textures and layers is a great way of establishing accent colours and depth. we are talking about rugs, cushions, the books on your coffee table, family heirlooms, accessories and that cosy throw.


accent colours don’t overpower a room but rather help balance out a neutral scheme. try bringing a burst of colour to your sofa in your cushions or if you're not wanting that distinction, layering with neutral patterns, different fabrics and a fluffy pillow can also be impactful.


image via Lick // @sailorandscout




4. artwork

art and photography is a great way to bring colour into your space. from contemporary visions to minimalist shapes and scenic landscapes, you can breathe life and visual interest into a neutrally decorated home with small splashes of artwork. think rolling hills filled with glorious greens, waves with surfers riding colours of turquoise and blue, or a delicious spectacle of flowers in nurturing pinks.


the colour in imagery can bring so much energy to an empty wall. it can add height and depth to a room, as well as provide a feeling of escapism. and most importantly, adding your favourite artwork is a great way to reflect your personality. when picking your artwork, always select it on the basis that it makes you smile.


image via Lick // @Oh.for.the.love.of.furniture




5. materials

wicker, wood, leather and wool have all the credentials to make a scheme feel natural and neutral. be conscious of the colour of the materials you bring into your home as they can change the whole look of a scheme. yellow, red and orange undertones can appear in anything from your choice of furniture, the wood in your flooring to the frames of your internal doors. certain woods can add tremendous warmth to a neutral space.


the same goes with metals - gold handles bring warmth whilst silver finishings add an element of cool. each material provides colour and is never seen in isolation and this builds on the aesthetics and the overall look of your neutral scheme. a neutral interior is all about calmness and warmth so choose materials that have these qualities.


image via Lick // @Strikeme_pink


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