• where to go to clear your head

where to go to clear your head


There is nothing quite like high altitudes and fresh mountain air to help you throw off the cobwebs of everyday life. Free your mind and peruse our list of escapes above the clouds. 




st moritz, switzerland // 

The Swiss resort is notorious primarily for its snow loving winter crowd. The springs of St Moritz are understated but equally as impressive. Without the frosty bite of snow in the air, visitors are free to breathe the smell of the lush green woods. 

Rolling into Summer the region offers a plethora of activities in which to indulge. Alternatively, a spot overlooking the lake to picnic, read or take in the vista is serenely fulfilling. 

Not only does the Swiss mountain offer its countryside and peace, but a vibrant lifestyle in which to be immersed. Delelectable restaurants; culturally rich art galleries, museums and motorsport heritage; all woven into an underlying them of wellness. 




punakha, bhutan //


Quite far from the shiny, clean hills of the Swiss countryside, is Punakha. The foothills of the Himalayas are rich with life and tradition. Punakha is one of the most stunning of all the valleys. It lies at a junction of two rivers - the Mo Chhu and Pho Chhu, literally translated as Mother river and Father river. 

Serving as the capital of the country for 250 years, it holds some of the grandest buildings in Bhutan. It's temperate climate, despite averaging 1200m above sea level, combines warm winters with the freshness of altitude. 

The landscape is extremely fertile and will likely be dotted with specks of orange and yellow. An abundance of citrus fruit and bananas grow rampantly amongst the flora and fauna, and beautiful endagered birds are often spotted gracing the skies.




lake pehoé, chile //


The Torres del Paine national park in southern Chile is home to glistening Lake Pehoé. Edged by snow capped mountains, in spring the lake looks like a pool of glass. Visitors wonder at how the pink sunrise still glows blue on the surface of the water. This spectacle is not rivalled in size or grandeur by any found in the northern hemisphere.

Chilean Patagonia is scattered with glaciers, waterfalls and mountains ready to summit, but the land of contrasts also features the 8th largest desert in the world. The Torres del Paine bridges the gap between the desert, known as the Patagonian Steppes, and the subpolar forests. From atop the peaks the panoramas include a surreal mixture of landscapes as though from a fairytale.



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images // rickardus, martin jernberg, olga stanska via unsplash