• co-working spaces around the world

co-working spaces around the world


As more and more people are choosing to cut the ties that hold them down, the digital nomadic lifestyle is on the rise. Remote working has wonderful benefits; from sipping coffee on balconies splashed in sunlight to disappearing into the Scottish wilderness to get your reports done. Yet, working away from a shared office space can sometimes test your motivation. To keep productivity high, co-working spaces have popped up around the world. Here are some of the best working spaces for those who roam…


Hubud, Bali

In the yoga capital of Bali, a tropical smidge of Indonesia, you can find a beautiful bamboo space to clean up your inbox. A stone’s throw from the monkey forest, and with the best Wi-Fi signal in Ubud, this cool little spot is the place to sit in the morning sun, sip a fresh fruit smoothie, and get to work.




Ministry of New, Mumbai

The trendiest place to write your reports can be found in a community building in Mumbai. To escape the sweltering heat, you can lose yourself in this beautifully designed oasis where green plants, vintage chandeliers, and bright Jaipur rugs set the scene.


co-working spaces


The Work Project, Hong Kong

Only recently opened, The Work Project is all about soaring ceilings, design philosophy, and a well curated library to encourage you to work. Custom art and furniture pieces adorn the light and airy space, and Patrick Blanc designed a glorious vertical garden to breathe new life into the modern city.


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Coco Vivo, Panama

The ideal spot for those who want to break free of the office space but still need a dose of productivity every day, Coco Vivo knows how to defy convention. Freelancers and digital nomads can spend their mornings horseback riding, swimming, and hiking before returning to water front bungalows to use the solar powered Wi-Fi and nibble fresh fruit plucked from the trees.


Agora Collective, Berlin

Beautiful Berlin has long been providing inspiration to artists and writers and this co-working space is a great place to network. Lashings of sun dappled space and green foliage to create a calm work environment, but also lots of inspiring things going on such as exhibitions, film showings, and workshops.




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