• the 25th hour series

the 25th hour series


"If only there were more hours in the day." 

With time becoming more of a commodity than ever, we're constantly looking for new ways to maximise the 24 hours of each day. But what would you do if you actually had an extra hour? We asked a host of mahabis ambassadors how they would spend the 25th hour of their day. Check out their answers below and share yours using this ready-to-go-tweet


Alastair Humphreys 

Professional adventurer Alastair Humphreys has pioneered the concept of the #microadventure. Whilst he'd spend his 25th hour exercising, Humphreys is also a supporter of slowing down every once in a while. In our last interview with him, he said that every so often 'we need to slow down, turn off the damn phone, climb a hill and howl at the moon'. Find out more about Alastair's award-winning adventure concept here


Carl Honoré

Leading advocate of the slow movement, Carl Honoré told us that rather than fretting about not having enough time, he now concentrates on making the most of the time he has. "I guess, the things I'm doing less of, I'd do more of. Like drawing" he adds. Check out our full interview with Carl here


Grant Spanier 

In addition to the 25th hour, Grant Spanier gave us 10,000 Hours. His podcast 10K hours is premised upon 'putting in time' and dedicating extra hours to life's passions. His full answer starts "I would spend it entirely on me. Which, of course, would eventually be spent on other people. So often we delude ourselves into being "busy"...". Check out his interview here


Claire Shea-Simonds 

When we reached out to Ironman triathletes Claire and Duncan Shea-Simonds, we couldn't think of many more people who deserved to relax in slippers. "Possibly the biggest challenge to the amateur triathlete is finding time for sufficient rest and recovery", Claire added. Find out why the Shea-Simonds' spend their rest and recovery time in their mahabis, click here for the full post. 


Konrad Bartelski

Britain's most successful World Cup downhill racer bought his mahabis to complement his skis whilst on tour. Since retiring, he's embarked on a number projects including TV production and photography, but would still choose to spend his 25th hour on the slopes. Check out the full interview with Konrad here


David Whitehouse 

One of our favourite answers came from best-selling author David Whitehouse. He adds that when he's not writing, he's always thinking about it; "I'm never away from it, and I love it. All time is downtime when work doesn't feel like work". Check out David's book and our interview with him here



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We also opened up the question on Quora, and here are a couple of our favourite responses above and below. 



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