putting on the sole

need to pop outside and show off your mahabis? we don’t blame you. to clip on your detachable soles just follow the instructions below:

  1. it works best if you're sitting down (no need to stand up.. mahabis is all about chilling out). 
  2. put your slippers on and keep the soles on the floor.
  3. slip the front of the slipper into the curved part of the sole and then push your heel down so it fits into the sole (as you would for a ski boot for example)
  4. whilst pushing down on your toes, stretch the back of the sole over the heel so you can see the fastening.
  5. when the press stud is in line with the sole, press the mahabis 'm' firmly against your heel until you hear that reassuring click. this should require a reasonable amount of force to ensure the fastening stays securely in place.