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for your everyday adventures
impossibly comfortable
scandinavian inspired design
downtime. redesigned.
for indoors or outdoors
detachable soles and sleek design
just slip on and go
which sole colour are you?

mahabis classic candle

mahabis classic candle

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the mahabis classic candle is the ultimate accessory to your downtime. available in six relaxing, natural scents. organic soy wax, hand-poured into a concrete holder, with a matte sand-blasted finish. a choice of our six iconic colours, to match each ambient fragrance.

  • natural cotton wick and 100% soy wax
  • concrete lid doubles as a base for the candle
  • designed to accompany the mahabis classic range

the mahabis candle

ambience. recreated.

designed for comfort

illuminated comfort
six relaxing scents, including jasmine and cedarwood
beautifully mahabis
our iconic colours, your choice.
sleek concrete casing
matte, sandblasted finish
100% soy wax
organic and hand poured wax, for the utmost quality

made for downtime

extended burning time
hold on to the feeling of home
convertible lid and base
elevate your candle or keep it protected
cotton wick
natural materials, natural fragrances
designed in london
enjoyed worldwide