handy tips for the mahabis popper

when designing the mahabis popper we tried a range of different mechanisms, from magnets to traction alone. what we settled upon was an age old design to complement the futuristic curves of the soles.

that said, here are some handy tips to make it easier for you to put and keep your soles on. people have wildly different feet, widths, lengths, textures and everything in between. this can have different impacts on the upper and the sole. moreover, people wear slippers very differently, treat them very differently. the flipside of this is that it can place different types of forces on the way the soles are attached. in addition, people put our soles on in different ways, so we thought we would outline how to ensure you can put your soles on with ease. here are some handy tips.

the quick method!

here is the easiest method. this guide assumes you have read the information you received with your mahabis (some of which can also be found here (www.mahabis.com/pages/three-things-you-should-know-about-mahabis).

1. first as always put the front of the upper into the front of the sole

2. pull the sole so that it protrudes out of the back of the upper (as per the first image). there is some elasticity in the soles, and by pulling it this way you can...

3. push the popper cleanly through the fastener hole. you will see the male part of the popper clearly through the hole.

4. connect the popper and look out for the 'click' noise, which means all is good in the world.

keep an eye out for...

if you stand down hard on the back of the slipper (i.e. not inside the slipper!) the sole material is strong enough to pop the strap off; in short it creates a lot of leverage which acts like someone pushing hard at the strap. this doesn't happen in normal wear, but only if you apply too much downward pressure on the very back of the sole. if your foot stays within the slipper this won't happen.

as the fastening mechanism is a traditional popper clip, it can get loose, especially if too much pressure is applied in unusual ways, this rarely happens. but if it does there's more information here on how to return it back: www.mahabis.com/pages/care-for-your-mahabis

you might also find this helpful in relation to how to properly insert the slipper into the sole: www.mahabis.com/pages/soles-with-ease-how-to-properly-attach-the-sole

you should rarely need the information above, but on some occasions it may prove helpful!