cheese straws

impress your guests

these cheese straws are crispy, flakey and absolutely delicious. they take only 5 minutes to prep, and another 15 to cook.

store these ingredients in your fridge and freeze in case guests pop in.

they can be made thin for canapes, or thicker for a more substantial snack if you’re serving drinks.

These are also amazing dipped into a bowl of tomato soup.

Prep 5 mins | cooking 15 mins | makes approx 12 thick or 20 thin

Mahabis a whole lot of mustard

a whole lot of mustard

1. Preheat your oven to 200C (or 400F, gas 6).

2. Lay out one sheet of ready rolled puff pastry on a floured work surface.

3. Brush the pastry lighty with beaten egg.

4. spread over wholegrain mustard. You can go quite heavy with the mustard as the cheese and pastry will hold up to the flavour.

Mahabis sprinkle


5. Sprinkle over 200g of grated cheese. We used gruyere, but most hard cheeses will work.

6. Season with salt and pepper

Mahabis make a sandwich

make a sandwich

7. Place the other sheet of pastry over the top.

Mahabis get rollin'

get rollin'

8. using a rolling pin flatten out the pastry until it is about .5cm thick

Mahabis get rollin'

to give them colour

9. Brush the top with egg wash.

Mahabis get rollin'

slice into strips

8. Using a pizza cutter (or a knife if you don’t have one), slice the pastry widthwise. For smaller straws go for around a 1.5cm width, and for bigger ones around 3cm.

Mahabis get rollin'

they're so twisted

9. Then take each end of a straw and twist in opposite directions until it’s twisted the whole way up.

Mahabis get rollin'

10. Lay on a lined baking tray and Bake at 200C for 12-15 minutes util they are golden.

Mahabis get rollin'


let cool then serve up

these are the best cheese straws I've ever had

freddy, boyfriend of chef