welcome to mahabis, here are some quick things you need to know about our slipper!

cushion-fold heels

our unique cushion-fold heels are designed to do two things: fold so that the heel can be worn up or down; and provide cushioning and comfort through light heel support.

the neoprene should provide a soft, air-like support. after a long day of wearing hard fitted office shoes, mahabis will provide a welcome relief. enjoy!


we hope your mahabis stay nice and fresh forever, but in the off chance they need a clean, we recommend you wash them with a damp cloth.

while we would not recommend machine washing mahabis, the slippers can be machine washed at 30 degrees (on the most delicate setting). it is important to note that machine washing runs the risk of damaging the beautiful shape of the mahabis.

we hope you enjoy taking mahabis on your daily adventures!