how to properly attach the mahabis sole with ease

here's a quick guide on attaching your sole properly. these instructions mirror those included with your mahabis and in the link in the order email. not following these instructions risks damaging your mahabis so we strongly recommend you follow them as the soles and slippers are unusual, but once you're used to them will be super easy to put on and off.

the main thing to remember is that they mirror the functionality of ski shoes. you should always insert your mahabis in the front first, securely, then clip at the back as per the guide here ( - the diagram from that guide explains:


a few key things to remember:

1. always push the slipper into the sole from the front first and then clip at the back:

2. don't clip at the back first and then force the front of the slipper into the toe cap, as this is won't be secure and risks damaging the slipper:

3. ensure that when you push the slipper into the sole you push it as far as it will go into the front-angled toe-cap; if done properly you will see no part of the slipper sticking out of the sole as below. the green circle represents the slipper fully pushed into the front of the sole:

we hope this helps!