care for your mahabis

learn how to care for your mahabis

understanding felt

felt is a strange and yet incredible material. it has its own properties and does it's own thing. and a lot of it depends on how it's made and ultimately also how it's used. different batches of felts can have different grades, textures, colours and hardnesses. over time or even how they're worn can affect how they look. you may find that the texture of the felt changes, and some batches of felt will be less or more furry than others.

in short, the appearance of the felt will change over time. part of the charm of mahabis is the use of materials that you sometimes do and sometimes don't find in fashion.

the snap-fastener

having experimented from everything from friction to magnets, we settled for something basic, but foundational and yet mechanical as the method to fasten our soles to the mahabis slipper. we felt this gave the most satisfaction and the greatest ease and clarity when understanding what is a very new concept. you may find that the popper get's loose, this can all depend on the pressure, time and a range of various factors that can affect the contortions on the tiny metal wings of the fastener. fear not! if you've trampled on the back, or thrown your mahabis around (please don't do that :) then the solidness of the fastener can be returned. you simply need to bend the metal wings of the fastener back into place as shown below.

once this is done you will feel the reassuring click of the snap-fastener and all will be well in the world.


we hope your mahabis stay nice and fresh forever, but in the off chance they need a clean, we recommend you wash them with a damp cloth.

while we would not recommend machine washing mahabis, the slippers can be machine washed at 30 degrees (on the most delicate setting). it is important to note that machine washing runs the risk of damaging the beautiful shape of the mahabis.

we hope you enjoy taking mahabis on your daily adventures!