The five beautiful benefits of wool

mahabis and wool go hand in hand. Our curve, mule, and special editions are all lined with a luxurious organic and sustainable wool from Italy. All our eco-friendly wool fibres are certified non-mulesed, meaning the animal’s health and wellbeing aren’t negatively affected during shearing.

This care and attention impacts the high quality of the wool natural fibres you feel in the lining. This rather special part of the slipper is not onily unbelievably soft, but also has an abundance of other wonderful benefits that may surprise you.

Read on to find five ways this smart, pure material is your foot’s best friend, and why we at mahabis love it so.

1. It insulates

Wool is a terrific insulator. When it's cold out mahabis will keep your feet warm while providing unbelievable comfort throughout your day.

2. It works when wet

Wool keeps its insulating properties while wet, which is perfect for hotter feet that can sweat at times. No judgement here, it happens to us all.

3. It wicks mositure

Wool can absorb a high amount of moisture — much more than other materials. It can actually hold a third of its weight in moisture before it even starts to feel ‘wet.’ and the beauty of wool is that is holds this moisture in its fibres, wicking it away from your skin.

4. It's fast drying

Surprisingly, wool dries much more quickly than cotton or other synthetic materials.

5. It's antibacterial

Wool fibres naturally have antibacterial properties and are therefore odour-resistant. This means your mahabis are unlikely to start smelling.

give yourself the space to breathe

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lightweight Tencel™ upper

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flexible indoor/outdoor sole

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natural cork footbed

Our beautiful, organic wool linings not only keep you warm, dry and comfortable but are also ideal if you prefer to wear your slippers without socks.