• three ways healthy feet can improve your yoga

three ways healthy feet can improve your yoga



Yoga is all about that base. A strong and steady foundation begins at the feet, so it’s no surprise that those who take care of their feet can see great improvement in their yoga practice over time. Simple stretches and exercises, along with comfortable shoes, relaxation and the occasional foot rub, are all you need for a happy and health foundation. Yoga can put significant stress on your feet, but with the proper care, over time you can see great improvements in your posture, stability, flexibility and ability to heal. 





Posture //

The way you walk and land on your feet can tell a lot about your body. People who tend to put their weight excessively on one side or another can create issues with their knees, hips, lower back and pelvis. You can improve your posture with supportive footwear, consistent stretching and physical therapy exercises.



Stability //

Stability is one of the most important aspects of yoga. In order to stay in the poses, even the beginner ones, you need to be steady on your feet. Strong feet can help you stretch your arches and improve your toe grip to get the most out of each pose.  



Flexibility //

It is unusual to think about, but you can actually improve the flexibility of your feet over time and yoga is an excellent practice for it. People with low arches or flat feet tend to have greater difficulty reaching certain poses and holding them steady.