travel in style

travel in style

Start your adventures off on the right foot

explore in comfort

the comfort, durability and versatility of mahabis make them the perfect travel footwear

one pair for everything

wear them indoors like a slipper // outdoors like a sneaker

travel light

weighing as little as 300g (10.5 oz), mahabis won’t weigh you down

ideal for long-haul

style, warmth and comfort you can slip on and off. breeze through security

upgrade your holiday

take the comfort of home with you

select your travel companion
mahabis classic

classic comfort. classic style. our choice for staying warm and comfortable on long-haul flights
mahabis outdoor

the water-resistant upper makes this wool-lined slipper perfect for exploring during weekend getaways
mahabis luxe

transform any holiday into a luxury retreat with our nubuck leather slippers with 100% wool lining
mahabis flow

lightweight and flexible, the flow is great for sightseeing in warmer temperatures