summer. reinvented

the mahabis summer slipper

a lightweight slipper

summer just got comfortable

a sculpted breathable mesh upper

let the air flow

a sculpted breathable mesh upper

designed to keep your feet protected, but cool in summer. lined for comfort, designed to breathe.

wear them all year

built for summer

wear them all year

no more need to flip-flop around. featuring our effortless comfort, snugness, but wrapped in a cool envelope.

old mahabis, new tricks

still classic at heart

indoor or outdoor, just slip on and go

designed to keep you shaded and comfortable indoor, but pop on the detachable sole and start your everyday adventures.

unquestionable comfort

a phenomenal soft lining, keeps your feet cushioned, with cloud soft touch. this is summer footwear like you haven't seen before. comfort, breathability and ease. summer. reinvented.

  • light
  • soft
  • comfort
mahabis comfort

the colour of summer

nora navy

ilen ivory detachable sole

slippers for people who don't do slippers