the slipper. reinvented.

the mahabis classic slipper

detachable soles

from indoor to outdoor, open to protected. our detachable soles flick-on and clip-down in seconds.

Effortlessly Adaptable

an outdoor tpu sole that offers grip, protection and comfort. in seconds convert to indoor sole, that is both light and comfortable.

so easy...

a collapsible heel for easy slip-on and impossible heel comfort. a work-shoe this is not. heel support, grip and relaxed comfort.

Impossibly Comfortable

the first thing you notice when you wear mahabis classic is the lining of soft, sculpted, sheeps wool, substantial enough to provide warmth, but light and short enough to prevent overheating. comfort, redesigned for living.

  • Warmth
  • Breathe
  • Comfort
the mahabis classic slipper designed for comfort

Beautifully Simple

A clean, minimal approach, simplicity fused with function - no fuss.

the classic collection

larvik dark grey classic mahabis

slippers for people who don't do slippers