visual guides to chill // part one: stop. scroll. enjoy.


These days, we're often too busy to stop and read, and instead we're just too accustom to scrolling continuously on our smartphones, consuming image-by-image at lightening speed.

But whilst we're keen advocates of taking time out to escape in a novel, sometimes time just is pressured. There are times where we'd rather unwind from a busy day by flicking through Instagram, or skipping the text in articles, and heading straight for the images. There are also times when we'd rather clear our mind of all images and text all together, by plugging in our headphones, and tuning out to our favourite chill tracks

In an age of prolific social media and continuous content, we've subconsciously joined a society of data consumption. On a daily basis we're exposed to insane amounts of data. The human brain is constantly being loaded with information, at a volume that could overload even the most powerful of computers, according to much new research

The Telegraph notes that 'the growth in the internet, 24-hour television and mobile phones means that we now receive five times as much information every day as we did in 1986'. 

But the Information Age isn't just one of doom and gloom, nor one where we're abandoning human contact all together. Sure, our mobiles have become more like an extension of our limbs than simple calling devices. Yet, we've also got an endless bank of information at our fingertips, friends from around the globe contactable at the touch of a button, and access to what's happening worldwide within a millisecond-refresh of a twitter feed. 

So why not embrace it? We can view the works of our favourite artists, photographers, authors and musicians within the palms of our hands. In our latest series we'll be publishing Visual Guides to Chill, with a different theme each week. We won't overload you with content, there's no pressure to click, you won't be interrupted by ads, and there's no requirement to 'read' (except for this post - congrats if you've made it this far).

Just visuals, for you. Enjoy. 


Check out the post that kicked this all off: Our 14 Step Visual Guide to Chill, or begin with Part One below...   



Let's cut through the noise, and share some chill. We've made it even easier, here's a ready-to-go tweet for you to spread the word images.   

 photo credits: victor hanacek, justin luebke, patrick tommaso, nasa, sam sommer, lauren livingston, scroll-down by jon irvine from the noun project, dapo oni. 


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