mahabis design // philipp von hase & his norwegian wood furniture

growing up and training in germany before taking a 'craftsman's journey', philipp van hase found himself in the picturesque norwegian town of bergen. the carpenter and furniture designer says it`s a place where people understand wood, so he stayed.

what we love about von hase's unique designs is their ability of a simple striking piece to change the decor of an entire room.

despite its odd numbers (three legs), this spire table has an openness and a balance to it and an unexpectedly beautiful shape. the form changes dramatically depending on where you are standing. the spire table is also seamlessly convertible.

the trialog chair is an unconventional piece of furniture, but a highly ergonomic one. von hase noticed that when sitting in a usual chair, he would sink into the seat, and that there was no place to naturally rest his arms and hands. 

the chair prompts a more upright posture, with the option of sitting in it front ways or back-to-front (without being overly blokish...)

the craftsmanship of his wood is sculptural and he works in harmony with the texture of the wood and grain, so that his pieces are still interesting and sleek, even when turned upside-down.

von hase is so passionate about what he does and why, that he has made a video to explain his life in bergen, his woodwork and the philosophy behind his design.

Philipp von Hase: A Craftsman's Journey from Zetteler & Dunn on Vimeo.


for more norwegian wood furniture and craftswork, see 100 per cent norway. you can also see a video of von hase living and working in bergen on his website:


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