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we are loving metronomy’s latest release, month of sundays, for its mellow electronic swing and playfulness. metronomy are a quirky electronic music quartet formed in devon, england, in 1999. the name comes from metronome, a piece of equipment musicians use to keep tempo.

image and music work together for metronomy, with each musican accomplished in their own right across multiple disciplines, and each with a vibrant personality. yet when they don their matching 70s turtlenecks (or whatever retro look they are channeling at the time), they form a cohesive one.

founding member and main composer, singer, keyboards and guitarist, joseph mount, has remixed for gorillaz, franz ferdinand, klaxons, kate nash, lady gaga and lykke li.

anna prior, the redheaded drummer, was famed for her sequined jump-suits hand-made by her mother early in the piece. anna has been featured in vogue in their run down of the most fashionable female drummers.

tall and sleek nigerian olugbenga adelekan is a music producer when he is not playing bass for metronomoy. he has toured asia, australia, russia and the uk, performing with an ableton live and midi controllers.

oscar cash on saxophone, backing vocals, guitars and keyboards adds dynamism to the quartet dancing around up front stage as he swaps instruments. metronomy's live shows include dance routines and light shows, sometimes using push lights stuck to their chests.

the video for 'month of sundays' was devised by the innovative callum cooper, an indie filmmaker who experiments with camera rigs to create really unique effects. in the clip, he uses round architecture and rotating camera shots to create unreal transitions, featuring band members chilling, playing with balls and balloons in the space of the brutalist barbican centre in london. as the camera flows around in 360 degree angles the band members are somehow transitioned into the garden, which is a perfect expression of their laid back, but innovative tunes. take a look for yourself.


learn more about metronomy and by their album in vinyl at

photos courtesy of phil sharp and indiehearts. click on them to go through to their source.

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