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perhaps it's not the god we worship, nor the temple, church or mosque we attend, but the very fact that we share faith that unites the human race. this series of photographs entitled faith by french photographer jacques szymanski has certainly got us contemplating higher things.

the images, possibly taken between his landscape and travel assignments across europe and asia, portray the living traditions of worship around the world, in all their colour and festivity. the images capture both the young and the old in worship and prayer. 

they show faith as something shared by the masses, but also as something very personal.

they portray fidgety children in ceremony more interested in this life that lays before.

in contrast, solitary women in contemplation of the next world and perhaps those who have gone before them.

ornate ceremony, costume and architecture play a large role in organized religious around the world.

messages from god often come to the faithful with a beam of light. light indicates a holy person in iconic orthodox art and renaissance architecture. churches and temples were sometimes purposely designed to capture light at certain times of day to enhance the feelings of faith.

wherever humankind has moved, the first thing they have done is build (or find) a place of communal worship. in the picture above the one room stone building and austere cross are dwarfed by sky, sea and land. it makes you wonder if the most moving is not what we build and do in order to worship, but what the beauty and wonder of this world is that motivates us to think beyond it and our own short lives.

for more of szymanski work, see his website at see the full photoessay of faith here.

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