mahabis photoessay // maria svarbova the dinning room

slovakian photographer maria svarbova has worked on numerous photo essays satirizing modern life. in this particular one, the dinning room, she invites us 'home' for dinner. we love her austere, overexposed and retro style, though we will probably pass on the pudding.

svarbova makes her models look like dolls, carefully positioned in clinical and habitual lives. it's not just the pale, surreal skin, and the overly neat retro attire, but also their stiff gestures and blank glazes that grab your attention. 

the dining room doubles as a kitchen, which looks more like a spartan hospital. the serving staff and cooks dress like surgeons.

dinner time may normally bring the family together, but in this house there will be no chatter. even their bright red drink and meal look synthetic. her images of food are industrial and impersonal.

seen through a circle, meal preparation is done with surgical precision and hygiene. but where is the flavour?

svarbova has done various similar photo essays exploring modern life with surreal and satirical themes, including the doctor, the game and the marriage. to find out more about maria svarbova you can also check out her facebook and see the rest of the dinning room photo essay here.

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