mahabis interior design // an apartment in stockholm by daniel reutersward

the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of stockholm-style living spaces may be mass produced ikea interiors or perhaps abba-kitsch furniture. however stockholm is one of the most beautiful, fashionable and livable cities in europe. designers in stockholm are translating traditional scandinavian style into the perfect spaces to chill, with bright white interiors to combat sweden's long dark winter nights. 

architectural visualiser daniel reutersward created this project based on his own personal apartment and the focus was on materials and realism.

to make the apartment bright and optimistic, the overwhelming colour is white and everything is centred around letting in light. scandinavian furniture design has always been about minimalism and untreated light woods, and reutersward stays true to this tradition. however, with the addition of plenty of books, wraps, paintings and soft furnishings, the apartment is given life and despite the bright white walls, it feels warmer than many other minimalist living spaces. 

the space is made fluid and appears open plan with the use of undressed windows and open doors. with long stretching furniture and striped designs on rugs and floorboards, the rooms appear wider. 

with long benches, surfaces, and floor-to-ceiling storage, the kitchen takes advantage of a narrow awkward space, and becomes a perfect space to cook up meatballs and look down onto street life. 

with a deliberate lack of pronounced storage in the bedroom, the room is automatically spacious and the bed becomes the focal point. the soft wood floor is a great space for rolling out a yoga mat and relaxing, and we can just imagine curling up on that bed with slippers, a good book and a cup of coffee.

this warm yet minimalist space is all about uncluttered living, and the select choice of decorative furnishings translate reutersward's personality and style.

you can learn more about daniel reutersward from his blog

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