mahabis music // movement from sydney

we are loving the sounds of sydney indie electronic band, movement. their seductive nocturnal music created in their suburban bedrooms somehow has the ambience of something that organically evolved and yet was meticulously devised at the same time.

the trio uploaded a demi tune onto youtube in 2012 and shortly afterwards they were signed by stephen pavlovic of sydney label modular. (pavlovic is also responsible for sydney band the presets). their lucid and rhythmic music was immediately taken up by local radio, leading to tours around the country and eventually to europe.

the band consists of sean walker on percussion and samples, jesse james ward on bass and synths and vocalist lewis wade. they describe themselves as 'minimal soul' and state their influences as the weeknd, frank ocean and the xx.

last year they told that they would love people to say that they made memories to their music, 'the idea of someone relating our music to an adventure or an experience is something that we would love to see happen'.

so kick off you shoes, slip on your slippers and put your feet up for some smooth minimal movement. here is their latest track, like lust, with a hypnotic video to accompany it.

to listen to more of their music see them on sound cloud or you can check them out on their facebook page.

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