mahabis photojournalism // a trip to helter skelter records

we love rumbling through old record stores looking for forgotten and collectable bits of music. music that can't be found on iTunes and can't be uploaded anywhere. this is just the type of afternoon that emerging photographer jordan pettitt has captured perfectly.

the name of this store 'helter skelter' fittingly comes from the landmark beatles song of the same name. it was mccartney's effort to create a song that was as loud, dirty and rebellious as he could - a prelude to heavy metal.

pettitt has captured the story of the store well in his grainy naturalist shots.

back before their long hair and stints in india, there were few sharper than the fab four in their mod suits. the young and hip saved up their pocket money and headed to record stores to by a single and check out what others were buying.

then there is the old movie scene clichè - you reach out your hand for the last disc just as someone else grabs it, and you know you had something in common and a great icebreaker.

you can still find lots of records stores for the die-hard or the dj looking for samples in shops squeezed into narrow rundown spaces on city blocks around the world. this little gem, helter skelter records in chichester is behind squirrel antiques and opposite majestic wine warehouse.

for more of jordan pettitt's work check out his behance portfolio.



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