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perhaps there has never been a better time for the world to explore tibetan beliefs. the country practiced peaceful resistance despite decades of violences, and although the losses have been great (in the 1950s more than 5000 monasteries were destroyed) the soul of the kingdom endures.

here are some images of tibetan temples during sunset prayer.

many tibetan families send their boys to monasteries to teach them discipline and improve their education. only the most devoted will stay on and spend their life learning the inner workings of the world. 

tibetan damaru drums at sunset echo a deep vibrating call through villages. it's a sacred musical instrument that encourages deep compassion for others and wisdom to understand.


the famous mantra 'om mani padme hum'  has no meaning. it is intended to calm and help the devotee to forget words. the deep chant is calming to do and hear.

tibetans often pull mala beads through the fingers to help them count the number of times they have chanted. this practice is said to be the true source of the catholic rosary.

a cylindrical prayer wheel on a spindle also has om mani padme hum written on it in sanskrit symbolizing rebirth and regeneration, as they turn.

so why not take a lesson from these techniques, and relax for a while. here is one of the most beautiful recorded versions of om mani padmi hum to help carry you on your journey.

photos from various photographers. for the source of the images please click on the photos.


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