mahabis furniture design // the rocking chair no 1 by reed hansuld

if you think a chair is a chair, and it's something to sit on that hopefully matches your decor, rocking chair no 1 might make you think again. we don't think this the chair for slouching in or that grandpa is going to fall asleep in it. we do think we could pop it in the corner for sitting up straight and gaining some inspiration.

rocking chair no 1 is by reed hansuld, a brooklyn based furniture designer producing usable works of art. he creates artistic furniture in his studio and also makes unique pieces on commission.

the idea of hansuld's work is to create something that begs a second glance. the shape of rocking chair no 1 makes you questions how such construction is possible in wood.

the answer is that the elegant shaping of the walnut conceals a steel skeleton making this cantilevered chair possible.

we love the grainy walnut wood which recalls previous eras of innovation such as the art deco design of the jazz age. 

the clever cantilevered construction of the rocking chair allows the seat and back to sway gently from side to side giving it an interesting dynamic as the pieces move independently from each other but under the sitters control.


it's a pretty handsome piece to put in the corner even if you don't use it but we think you will probably kick back in it on a saturday morning with a coffee, book and some soothing music. it gives the sitter a nice tilt on life.

you can see other furniture by hansuld

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