mahabis places // larvik, norway

we often get asked what our range is named after. well. the answer is scandinavian towns and cities. so we thought we'd take the chance to tell you a little bit more about them and show you what they look like. the name that most of you who have bought mahabis will be familiar with is larvik. larvik light grey. larvik dark grey. but larvik.

larvik is a small norweigian town of approximately 40,000 inhabitants.

it sits at the mouth of the Numedalslågen river and hence the name. it also means it looks really beautiful in every landscape shot taken. here's a lovely photo of the harbour.

but it's not just all pretty vistas in one of the furthest points south in vestfold county. here's some funky grafitti on a larvik rooftop.

quintessentially scandinavian, the harbour, the mist, the cold of the exterior contrasted with the inviting warmth of the houses, captures so much of what we love.

and then finally one of those vistas that scandinavia remains unique for. yes, we still love them. and i'm sure you do too!

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