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A lot of desks in the last two decades have been all about holding desktop computers and their gadgets, and yet today most of us use a laptop that we pack up and take away with us.  Many of us even prefer to do at least some of the leg work with a pen and paper, even if our job is essentially online- just to save our back, our eyes and brain from computer strain. So perhaps it is time to rethink the old desk, or at least tweak it for the way we work today.

We are very happy to see modern furniture designers taking heed of the different work styles, and coming up with some strikingly simple twists on the old desk. Here are three inspiring desks that might make you work a little better, if not harder. Which one would you rather work from?



The Analog Desk


The Analog Memory Desk was conceived as a tool for brainstorming ideas outside of the keyword. Not to eliminate the digital realm, but to make it easy to flick between the two mindsets, it is based around the concept of a rolling whiteboard-cum-notepad for jotting down random thoughts or sketching out ideas (saving the hassle of opening new tabs in browsers and tapping on the keyboard).

Designer Kirsten Camara, began as a painter so it's not surprising the soft white wood and legs look something like a painters desk. She then turned to graphic design and then returned to the analog work herself in designing unusual objects and furniture in an old craftsman style. We love her tactile approach and the soft simple craftsmanship of her desk.



Moreover, the concept of streaming and scribbling random ideas with pen or pencil wherever you want on the desk might bring out the little kid or the grand genius in the user.  We can see it applied to a lot of professions, from architects and engineers to artists and illustrators, as well as for hobbies.




The desk comes in a standard 152 cm by 60 cm and comes in easy to assemble pieces which you can glue or just let sit in place to reassemble somewhere else. The paper rolls required are 50 cm and will give you 100 metres of scrawling doodles, random thoughts or forgotten phone numbers. 

Camara is based in Minnesota (USA) where she lives with her husband and son. We just love the way she hasn't limited herself to thinking that all things new and creative must be digital, and that she marries the digital and analog world's together to get the best of both.




The Goggle Desk


Meanwhile, the Goggle Desk was designed with future oriented managers and executives in mind. Award winning Dutch/Australian industrial architect Danny Venlet dreamed it up for the Italian office furniture manufacturer Babini




Bambini haven't given out the exact specs, but each Goggle Desk is individually customised and sized to fit the client-and all seem to be generously oversized for maximum impact. The clever part of Venlet's design is how the desks are curved from almost every angle including the inner views, which makes them both soothing to look at and curious to observe up close. 




The basic Goggle Desk comes in a lacquer finish but you can add some wood accents such the drawers in the picture above to make the desk your own. The desks generally come in glossy lacquer outside and matte inside, finished with contrasting colours and in a third alternative. They can also be customized with modesty panel and credenza doors in olive wood as well as other materials.  




Venlet wanted to create a desk which recognised the importance of having a unique object in the office, that not just functioned as a desk, but as an object of art to impress visitors.

For the record the name of the desk isn't actually a corruption of Google (like we first thought) but rather the idea of goggles that fit to your face perfectly and are rounded in shape. The desk is also supposed to help you focus better and grab the attention of your clients.




The Habitables Desk


Finally for those downsizing or for the home freelancer, we love the Habitables Desk by Spanish furniture maker and designer Manuel Barrera. He keeps things simple, with a retro feel and modern practicality that will fit into a narrow space in a loft or inner city apartment.




It almost reminds us of a giant Victorian school desk, but with a big desktop and plenty of drawer space. Importantly for home workers, you can put your laptop in the drawer below and turn off in the evening.

The desks are generally either lacquered with oak legs and draws, or oak tops with lacquer legs and drawers. The specs are 98.5 cm by 50 cm, and it stands 75 cm high. 



We think it looks pretty inspiring under this window in a cozy home office as the afternoon sun floods in and the next chapter of that novel takes shape.

Barrerra is selling his desk and other matching items such as the backless stool on He'll make to order himself and send it to you in a few weeks. You can also see more of his work on Behance.

So whether your are working all day with your slippers on under the desk or putting them up on your desk after a fruitful days work, perhaps its time to rethink the desk.


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