father's day favourites // slippers and vinyl


Slippers. Father’s Day. It’s an age-old combination. But this June, spare the old fashioned loafers and the gimmicky cartoon slippers. 

Present an old man with new tricks: slippers that are built for the 21st century, rather than a pipe and pension plan…

With a stylish take on the traditional design, our slippers combine a timeless aesthetic with dual-purpose functionality. They are lined with a light and comfortable wool lining, so they are breathable for the summer months, but warm enough for cool evenings. 

Plus, choose from six detachable sole colours, and they can be worn outdoors in seconds. So whether your Dad is putting his feet up indoors or stepping out into the garden, we’ve got it covered.


Our Father’s Day favourite: larvik light grey x skien black (click here to buy)


Whilst you’re perusing the colour combinations, or waiting for your mahabis to be shipped, why not put your feet up and listen to our father’s day playlist. 

We’ve taken it back a fair few decades and tuned into some nostalgic sounds that conjure rich memories of the times before iPods, where music was shared by swapping vinyl between friends and amplifying the record player. 

So sit back and tune in, we’ve got a track for everyday this week in the lead up to Father’s Day, including a selection of reggae, jazz and blues. Whilst slippers needed reinventing, these old tracks are best listened to remix free. Check out the links below, or give it a play on spotify.




Junior Murvin- Police & Thieves 




BB King- How Blue Can You Get




Janis Joplin- Piece of My Heart




Bob Marley and The Wailers- No Woman, No Cry




Art Pepper- 'Round Midnight




Muddy Waters- Mannish Boy 




Bob Dylan - Forever Young 



Have your Dad feeling Forever Young in 21st Century slippers. Turn up the playlist, and chill. 

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