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Bean bags were a seventies classic for their funky simplicity and colourfulness in an era when the world embraced all things synthetics and fast manufacturing was ripe. But lets face it, for decades the image of the old cord or plastic bean bag has been badly damaged by that same shabby mass production.

However, recently some designers have been rethinking the minimalist concept of bean bag with slow living, small living, quality and sustainability in mind. Here's a few of our favourites.


Gan Rags Wool Bean Bags

Gandia Blasco is a boutique Spanish homeware company with a penchant for things that are tactile and artisan inspired. We love their stylish triangular spin on the bean bag.

These bean bags are part of a line called SAIL y GLAOUI The North African inspired range is ideal for the lounging traveller- providing a comfortable oasis from which to enjoy sunny siestas and cosy nights.



They are made from a wool weave, are tinted with natural dyes, and come with their own natural stuffing.

The bean bags are also generous in size and have a strong yet flexible shape. They are great for putting by a window in winter and pulling outside in the summer. The range also offers a bale shaped foot stall which can double as a coffee table.



They are actually a great idea for studio apartments as they can be pushed away to do your yoga and pulled back as a centrepiece when guests arrive. We can definitely see our slippers parked in front of this bean bag.

You can find out more about the gan rugs bean bags here and the Gandia Blasco company here.


Swell Bean Bag on a Stand

Voice is a Swedish furniture design company who also decided to rethink the bean bag a few years ago.  They felt the piece of furniture held happy childhood memories for a lot of people and would be a nice addition to small modern living.  But the designers were dismayed at the unfortunate low-end image of mass-made bean bags and so carefully re-created and relaunched a new version for a design oriented market.

The result they call Swell and it's a bean bag on a stand.



This bean bag chair is not for slouching. It sits in a metal frame to keep it high and more like an armchair. It's more for perching and contemplating than sinking and dreaming. 



It comes in bright blue or a natural light grey felt. Measuring a few metres in diameter it will take up some space but give you some retro cred.

(Photographs courtesy of Charlie Bennet for Form Us WIth Love).


Marine Bean Bag

This bean bag by Coast New Zealand is made for yachts but we think it is great for any indoor/outdoor living situation. They will keep their shape through damp spray, rough tossing and strong sun. But the best reason to consider them is their nautical style.






They use a fabric which is durable and made for yacht furniture and sails.  It is soft to the touch, yet hard-wearing and highly resistant to fading and deterioration. The bean bags are hand-sewn in New Zealand



This bean bag is designed for lounging and you can also purchase foot stalls and other matching accessories.   

They take EPS polystyrene filling. Coast New Zealand say the beans are more likely to need topping up than throwing out and their website offers links to bean recyclers for when you might want to refill in the distant future.



UFO Bean Bag

Ufo is a fun little object from Italian designer and illustrator Luca Cozzi. It is made with travellers, students and artists in mind because essentially it is a bean bag that can actually be used as a carry bag and mat.

It consists of two triangular modules stitched along their perimeter to make one interfolding pieces that joins with a zipper.



 It’s made from two triangular pieces of grey felt that zip together to create a three-dimensional form

Luca Cozzi is normally a designer and illustrator and he is best contacted via his behance portfolio.


Feel Seating System Delux

Now this bean bag, is actually more of a set of beans, and is more of a rug than a seat. It can be rolled into different shapes, and is a great toy and piece of furniture for kids.

Admittedly, it's the least sustainable and most fun of our choices, but who wouldn't want to roll. laze or play on it.



It is made of 120 soft felt balls that don’t need refilling. It’s big enough for the whole family but can be stacked against a wall. You can find out more or purchase it at

If you are worried about the sustainablity of the polystyrene fillings for your modern take on the old bean bag,  there are newer and organic options that include popcorn seeds, uncooked rice, dried peas or potpourri. There are number of organizations in various countries who use second hand clothing as filler, to provide a comfortable and sustainable solution. Are you ready to embrace the new age of bean bags?


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