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What better way to spend your downtime that refuelling with a flat white in your favourite coffee house? Coffee is a way of life for many people, and coffee houses are currently challenging craft beer bars as the favourite hipster hangouts in many cities worldwide.

We’ve compiled a list of 21 of the best coffee houses in the world, carefully considering both the quality of the coffee and the environment in which it is served. Read on to discover where to find the perfect brew, in no particular order.


1.Heart Coffee Roasters, Portland

Expert roasters, Heart have two destinations in Portland, where you can relax in the stylish minimalist surroundings and enjoy their delectable concoctions. They are famed for using the best green coffee from destinations including South America and Africa, which is then expertly roasted on site, allowing the fresh aroma to tantalise the senses of the punters.



2.The Coffee Academics, Hong Kong

Well known amongst coffee lovers worldwide, The Coffee Academics love to try out the very latest techniques in their quest to brew the perfect cup of coffee. Try one of their unusual drinks that are sweetened or spiced with innovative ingredients such as ground black pepper, or opt for their renowned ice-drip coffee.



3.James Coffee, San Diego

If you’re interesting in sipping your brew in a creative environment that also boasts independent boutiques and a barbers, then James Coffee is for you. Musician and ex-motorcycle racer, David James Kennedy’s creation offers a selection of single-origin beans, knowledgeable baristas and exceptional cups of coffee amidst a thriving community atmosphere.



4.Truth Coffee Roasting, Cape Town

Recently voted the World’s Best Coffee Shop by The Telegraph, Truth’s steampunk interior is spectacular, but it is their hand-roasted coffee that is unforgettable. The majority of the beans are sourced from Africa and are freshly roasted every day in a vintage cast iron drum, creating flavoursome blends that their expert baristas can advise you on.



5.Workshop, London

With a reputation as one of the best coffee roasters in the world, Workshop are dedicated to sourcing, producing and serving the finest coffee in the city of London. Located in four different venues across the city, our choice location is their original home, Clerkenwell Café, with its accompanying all-day menu and minimal interiors.



6.Fazil Bey, Istanbul

Experience coffee served the Turkish way in Fazil Bey, a traditional coffee shop loved by locals and tourists alike. The traditional Turkish music and rustic furniture help to remind you that this coffee house has been here since the 1920’s, and the coffee is brewed in a traditional cevze which adds to the experience.



7.Coffee Collective, Copenhagen

This Copenhagen institution now has multiple venues across the city, but it’s their original roaster and coffee shop on popular street, Jægersborggade that makes it into our list. Their baristas all seem to have won numerous awards, they specialise in lightly roasted sweet coffees, and the interior has got to be one of the most Instagrammed places in the city.



8.Pikolo Espresso Bar, Montreal

The snug and eclectic interior, friendly and helpful baristas and perfect location all supplement the impeccable coffee on offer at Pikolo Espresso Bar. If you’re after something special, their Pikolo latté is a favourite of regulars; served in a shot-sized glass, the coffee extraction is more concentrated than usual, creating a taste akin to a creamy shot of espresso.



9.Everyday Coffee, Melbourne

If you asked a coffee connoisseur which city they would identify with quality coffee, chances are that they would name Melbourne. Everyday is dedicated to consistency, and creating quality coffee with a constantly revolving selection of beans. The friendly service and well-lit interior help to create the perfect space to enjoy your brew.



10.The Barn, Berlin

With the intention of sourcing and roasting the best coffee beans in the world, The Barn are setting their standards incredibly high. Thankfully, they deliver, with a selection of delectable hand brewed filter coffees and espressos, all made to order.



11.Revolver Coffee, Vancouver

Revolver offer an ever-changing menu of coffees, sourced from a selection of the best roasteries around the world (including several mentioned elsewhere in this article). Their belief is that impeccable coffee should be accompanied by an impeccable experience, and their knowledgeable baristas are on hand to offer you advice when selecting your drink.



12.Pavè, Milan

Italy is known worldwide for its love affair with caffeine, and Pavè pastry shop in Milan is known to locals for its great coffee. Enjoy a shot of their finest espresso accompanied by one of their delicious cakes amidst the clean and bright interiors.



13.Reykjavik Roasters, Reykjavik

Warm up with a steaming cup of coffee inside Iceland’s best loved coffee house. Reykjavik Roasters blends typical Icelandic interiors with speciality coffees and eco-friendly practices to create a bustling environment where you will find locals mingling with tourists.



14.Tim Wendelboe, Oslo

A previous World Barista Champion, Tim Wendelboe is idolised in the coffee world. His coffee is served in some of the best restaurants in the world, including Noma, and his simplistically designed Oslo espresso bar is well regarded as the best in the city.



15.Johan & Nyström, Stockholm

Known across Stockholm for their original and signature coffees that are served in various coffee shops, it is Johan & Nyström’s multi-award-winning concept store that finds its place on our list. Their slow-roasted coffee can be enjoyed in this bright and vibrant space, or you also book onto one of their many training courses to discover yourself how to make the perfect brew.



16.Screaming Beans, Amsterdam

One of the best coffee houses that is actually famed for its drinks in Amsterdam, Screaming Beans, is dedicated to providing the perfect cup in its multiple locations across the city. Their baristas are notorious for their passion and knowledge.



17.Box Kite, New York

Located in Manhattan, Box Kite is a small independent chain of coffee houses that are renowned for embracing the latest innovations in making the perfect cup of Joe. Their ever-changing menu draws upon local roasters to provide an eclectic mix of the finest coffee in the city.



18.Analog Coffee, Seattle

Seattle is widely renowned for its coffee scene, and Analog in the Capitol Hill district of the city is regularly cited as the local’s favourite coffee house. The minimal, Nordic-inspired interior is the perfect location to sip one of their excellent coffees, whilst listening to their vinyl collection and reading one of the independent magazines on offer.



19.Department of Caffeine, Singapore

This hidden coffee shop focuses on using sustainably sourced coffee beans and the latest technical processes to create the perfect cup of coffee. Known by caffeine enthusiasts throughout the city, it is recommended to make a reservation at busier times.



20.Foundation, Manchester

Manchester’s newest coffee shop is already being heralded as its best by the city’s inhabitants. Located in the heart of the hip Northern Quarter, Foundation benefits from a slick minimal interior and a menu that will rotate with the coffee seasons.



21.Flight Coffee Hangar, Wellington

Wellington may not be the first place that springs to mind when thinking about coffee, but Flight are making a strong impression with their offering of rare speciality coffees. Their bustling coffee house, the Hangar has a strong Scandinavian aesthetic, with exposed concrete brickwork contrasted by wood panelling.



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