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our next stop is rjukan. we used it to name our rjukan red soles. sitting in the heart of norway, the town boasts a tiny 4,000 inhabitants. at one point rjukan was famed for the huge quantities of electricity it generated from a 104-metre waterfall; at one-time boasting the world's largest power plant. all sounds pretty industrial.

equally thought rjukan is famed for its landscapes, its valleys and its watrefall. this is the Hardangervidda plateau.

which is predictably beautiful in its scandinavian pureness. no matter how many times you look at it, its still a phenomenal landscape. no wonder the area is such a draw for painters and artists.

but rjukan in recent times has also become known for its ice climbing, which looks far more stressful than the grand vistas above!

here are some of the old trains from the hydro plant, which is the old...

then the new. for 6 months every year the due to the placement of the mountains the town gets no sunlight, so in 2013 large mirrors were placed on the mountains to reflect sun into the town!

an amazing capture of new and old, innovation and innovation, the technological and the natural throughout the history of this small norwegian town.

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