mahabis places // skåne, sweden

the inspiration behind our yellow outsole comes from the swedish region skåne. widely considered as one of the most dynamic and forward thinking areas in northern europe. skane hosts a diverse offering of scenic backdrops, from the rolling countryside hills to the metropolitan skylines of its influential cities.

the twisting torso tower in malmo captures these forward thinking sensibilities associated with the area.  

steppe side is one of many amateur built skateparks in the county that shows the diy ethic and can-do attitude adopted by locals. it's this movement that has inspired individuals across the world to utilise and regenerate abandoned space.


with over 800km of way-marked cycle routes the county offers a unique and bespoke exploration experience to its visitors. something we feel is essential and often overlooked!

the Øresund bridge, an 8km connection between southern scania and denmark helps build upon the cultural diversity and marries the two like-minded but individually styled countries. this beautiful photo of the bridge was taken by Wolfgang Graf.

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