mahabis places // gotland, sweden

today we take a look into the swedish municipality which was the tonal influence behind our green soles, gotland. the immediate association of gotland's rural, agrarian setting really struck a chord with us and was something we wanted to capture in our debut spring/summer '14 range.

pictured above is the stunning coastline of grogarnsberget, ostergarn in southernmost gotland.

gotska sandön is an uninhabited island just off the coast of sweden. a deserted paradise with acres of untouched sand and flowering orchids.

regarded as the best preserved medieval city in scandinavia, visby is home to some remarkable remains including a 3.4km long wall which encircles the town centre.

the number one export of the region is limestone, with this comes the beautiful emerald quarries pictured above

our gotland green soles are available to buy here.
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